Will Rob Kardashian and Scott win or lose with Robert Scott clothing?

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On the most recent Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob's wish to get into the clothing business got a boost from big sister Kim, who decided to think of a way to include her brother rather than exclude him.

The family therapy session continued on last Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian refused to accept the accusations of selfishness thrown at her in the session by brother Rob Kardashian. Watch video of Rob's meltdown below.

Nonetheless, she must have taken some of it to heart.

After some time passed, she and Momager Kris Jenner got together and talked about a way to get Rob involved in the family clothing line business, even if Jenner wasn't ready to launch a separate Dash store for Rob and a men's collection.

How about having a separate line of men's designer duds to put into the existing Dash retail locations that are identified with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe'?

Kris thought it was a great idea and set up a meeting to get the idea off the ground, with their clothing design guru Bruno Schiavi and his fellow exec Peter Cleary of Jupi Corporation.

Rob Kardashian included Kourtney's baby daddy in the meeting because he understands that if Scott Disick knows nothing else, it's how to outfit himself in great clothes.

He called Disick, "successful" and a "businessman". Compared to Rob he is but then again, when put up against the three Kardashian girls, Scott looks like he's merely along for the ride.

Rob was not feeling well that day and used it as an excuse to dress down so to speak, in his usual baseball cap, a hoodie and sweat pants. Disick almost got sick himself when he saw him.

"I'd do anything to help Rob out, but to see him show up for the meeting unshowered in a sweat suit is truly disappointing," Scott told the E! cameras.

"I'm nervous that these people are gonna walk out of this meeting because that's not the image they're looking to sell," he added.

Of course Scott's reprimand of Rob is somewhat of a joke when you can consider that earlier in the season Kris Jenner set him up for a business opportunity while in New York and Scott showed up inebriated.

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The two guys take turns being reckless and immature.

If viewers thought Scott was making a big deal out of nothing, they only had to wait for Bruno and Peter to arrive for the two to make pointed remarks about Robert's state of disarray.

While they didn't pull the opportunity, they embarrassed him enough for all to hope that he'll get the point for a business meeting the next time.

When asked what he'd like to call the collection, which will feature Rob's more casual style along with Scott's dressy and retro mode, Rob immediately told them he wanted it to be Robert Scott to include the two of them.

When push comes to shove, Rob Kardashian is a sweet young man who is still finding his way in a family of strong and successful older sisters and a mother who is as driven as anyone in Hollywood. Read: Kris Jenner's mothering skills called into question once again.

But, will the combo of the two men work on a business venture like this? With Scott's issues and Rob's lack of experience, I'm not sure. What do you think? Comments section is now open.

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Sorry Rob, got to agree with Scott. A business meeting means dressing the part. Showing up in sweats made you look so not serious. I've seen you dress up and you shine up like a new penny! If you're serious about your career, dress the part! Nice business suit looks impressive, you can't go wrong! I'm in your corner, rooting for you always!!

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