EVTN: Enviro Voraxial Technology - Spinning a Legacy and Helping the Planet

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Enviro Voraxial Technology was a relatively unknown company since its inception in 1996, however, that all changed as a result of the disastrous Gulf Oil Spill last April involving BP.

Millions of people around the world helplessly watched the non-stop television and online coverage of the BP Oil Spill that culminated from an oil platform explosion that killed 11 workers in April 2010. As horrific as the loss of human life, the subsequent endangerment of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding ecosystems, wildlife and habitat, appeared to be an enigma with no visible or successful outcome.

Opportunity Meets Problem
One Florida-based company, intimately familiar with the delicate balance of the environment and the effort required to maintain its wholesome nature, had unknowingly been preparing to be the White Knight ready to rescue the ocean and its residents, tame the pervasive black crude and restore the integrity of Mother Nature.

EVTN (Enviro Voraxial Technology), stock symbol EVTN, manufactures equipment that effectively and efficiently separates liquids from solids and/or other liquids. It uses patented, state-of-the-art separation technology to produce successful outcomes. EVTN was founded by Alberto Di Bella, a Mechanical Engineer and corporate executive, who began a business serving the aerospace and defense industries as a high-precision manufacturer of gyro platforms for the Hubble Space Telescope.

That expertise and experience would subsequently serve as a successful launch pad for EVTN to enter the environmental industry with the creation of the Voraxial® Separator.

Simply stated, the Voraxial® Separator uses centrifuge technology and gravity to physically separate multiple substances in a very efficient manner. Multiple models address separation needs of customers and challenges, scaling from 3 GPM (Gallons per Minute) volume using a 1-inch tube to 6,000 GPM using an 8-inch tube.

To get a clearer understanding of the massive processing capability of the EVTN Voraxial® Separator, the high-end model 8000 would effectively process the entire 660,000 gallons (2,500,000 liters) of water from an Olympic Size Swimming Pool in less than 2 hours. Over a one-day (24 hour) period, the continuous use of just one EVTN Separator unit would process and purify 8.64 million gallons of oil-contaminated water.

Extending the capability of their Separator Technology equipment, EVTN designed units to function fully submersed in the ocean, eliminating the need for contaminated water to be pumped aboard a holding tank where it would be processed separately and eventually returned to the ocean. This translates into a massive saving of precious time during a crisis situation, such as the Gulf Oil Spill clean-up effort.

See the Submersible Voraxial® Separator as it is deployed:

In addition to the very relevant work of cleaning up from the Gulf Oil Spill, EVTN and its products are also used in waste-to-energy, onshore and offshore dispersed water separation, frac water, stormwater, refinery wastewater clean-up, and bio-fuel separation applications.

EVTN has successfully completed projects using the Voraxial® Separator with many of the world’s most respected industrial companies including ConocoPhillips, Cameco, Repsol, the US Navy and Transocean.

Watch a News Report of an interview with EVTN COO John Di Bella:

Most recently, EVTN has been declared a finalist in the X PRIZE Foundation’s International competition to advance oil spill clean-up technology and innovation.

For more information about EVTN and Voraxial® Separator technology and products, contact Laura Di Bella, Vice President of Marketing and Investor Relations, at Laura@evtn.com

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