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Like Jesus Christ, Actor Jim Caviezel Persecuted for His Beliefs and Passion

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Many movies strangely mimic real life, however, for Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrayed Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s controversial film ‘Passion of the Christ’ in 2004, it is his life that in reality mimics the movie.

Anticipated as a bright and up and coming star in Hollywood circles, Jim Caviezel is a devout Roman Catholic and is personally known as very passionate about sports and religion. His most notable films include Frequency (2000), Pay It Forward (2000), Angel Eyes (2001), The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and the Passion of the Christ in 2004. Following, the career of Jim Caviezel begins to fade and slowly becomes quiet.

Most recently, en route to promoting a new audio book of the Bible on CD, Caviezel spoke with people at the First Baptist Church of Orlando (Florida). During the discussion, Caviezel described how the movie role of Jesus Christ in 2004 has resulted in him being ostracized by Hollywood film producers and writers.

Many believe the fate of Jim Caviezel’s career is primarily a function of the anti-semitism shadow that surrounded and was projected onto the film by others, while another faction exists that believes the death blow was Caviezel’s association with Mel Gibson and his very visible and public problems with alcohol, anti-semitism and domestic abuse.

Regardless, there are subtle yet eerie coincidences between the actor and the Son of God. First, Jim Caviezel confesses that he was indeed 33 years old when he was ‘called’ to film the Passion of the Christ, the same age that Christ was purported to be at his death.

Second, the actor’s initials are also the same as that of the role he played, i.e., J.C.

Third, J.C. is a devoutly religious man as was his stage presence in the film.

Fourth, following his appearance in the film, J.C. has experienced a persecution of sorts in the entertainment business. In his own words, he stated he has been “rejected in my own industry.”

In a prophetic way, J.C. admits Mel Gibson sternly warned him about accepting the role in the movie beforehand as he recalls Gibson’s words, “You’ll never work in this town again.” J.C. recounts his response, “I told him, ‘We all have to embrace our crosses.’”

J.C. revealed his genuine values that he lives and works by, when he stated, “We have to give up our names, our reputations, our lives to speak the truth.”

In describing Gibson’s public persona since the Passion of the Christ movie in 2004, he stated, “Mel Gibson, he’s a horrible sinner, isn’t he?” He continued, stating, “Mel Gibson doesn’t need your judgment, he needs your prayer.”

In an interview with the 700 Club, a Christian Broadcasting Network, J.C. justified his decision and logic to play the role of Jesus Christ. He stated, “I felt like a great presence came within me at times when we were filming." He went on to say, “This prayer that came from me was, 'I don't want people to see me. I just want them to see Jesus. And through that conversions will happen.' That's what I wanted more than anything, that people would have a visceral effect to finally make a decision whether to follow Him or not."

Regardless of his past and future Hollywood success, J.C. (Jim Caviezel) obviously prescribes his own version of success in life as following his beliefs and living his values.

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