Brett Favre's Scandal is bigger news than his Retirement

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Brett Favre, long-term fan favorite quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, seems ready to finally stay retired this year. It appears that some unseemly parts of his personal life are more to blame than the fact that he's not as fast on the field as he once was.

After Brett retired from the Green Bay Packers in March 2008, he then changed his mind and caused a lot of drama in Green Bay before ending up in New York, playing for the Jets.

It seems Brett, who at 41 and married with two children, certainly should know better, but he still spent lots of his off the field time chasing Jenn Sterger, who was an in-house sideline reporter with an uncanny resemblance to Mrs. Favre. If the story ended there, it would be typical for professional athletes with huge egos and deep pockets who feel they are entitled to whatever they want. But, here is where the story gets creepy. Apparently, Jenn spurned his advances, so he started calling and leaving text messages, even going so far as to send her pictures of his private parts and of him masturbating. Eeeeewww!

So, it seems the latest drama surrounding Ben is much uglier than the last one. Hopefully, he will slip away into private life and spend some time making up to his wife, Deanna, for this series of stupid transgressions, before he damages his wholesome reputation and stellar career any more than he already has.


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"So, it seems the latest drama surrounding Ben is much uglier than the last one." You must be referring to Ben Roethlisberger.

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