Arya Stark goes viral: Game of Thrones Actres does Cinnamon Challenge [VIDEO]

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Kids will be kids, and Maisie Williams proved she's more her age than her character on Game of Thrones lets on. The 15-year-old British actress, who plays the rambunctious Arya Stark on HBO's acclaimed series, has a viral video making the rounds, showing her attempt at what is known as the 'Cinnamon Challenge'.

For those unfamiliar with the cinnamon challenge, it is a food competition of sorts that is far less Kobayashi-esque than it is idiotic. The eating fad involves a person swallowing at least a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in under a 60 second time limit without using water or any other liquid aid.

Generally, the end result is either the person spits out a cloud of cinnamon and gags for awhile, as we see in the case of Lady Stark, or, more times than not, the intensity of the semi-toxic compound coumarin, which is a main ingredient of cinnamon, causes the person to vomit.

At one point in the video showing the young actress, the cameraman can be heard asking, "Why is this so entertaining? Why do people suffer" before emitting an audible sigh. A very good question indeed.

The cinnamon challenge itself has become a cult status symbol of sorts over the years, with amateurs and celebrities alike attempting the feat, and then subsequently uploading a video of their attempt online.

Watch Arya Stark attempt the 'Cinnamon Challenge' below.

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