Biscuit brawl: Two women arrested after fighting over baked goods

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Ever taste a biscuit so good it was worth fighting over? Well according to Bethlehem police, two Pennsylvania women were faced with such a predicament and went fisticuffs over a plate of baked goods.

The incident occurred sometime late Tuesday evening at 3120 East Blvd., Bethlehem, when a woman identified as Quartoia Felder, age 26, baked herself a plate of biscuits.

Felder, who lives under the same roof as her boyfriend and boyfriend's family, told police that she had set the plate of biscuits down and upon return, she became angry after finding that some of the biscuits had been consumed by people who were home at the time.

Upon learning that her delicious biscuits were not in their rightful place, her belly, Felder engaged one of the biscuit-eaters and mother of her boyfriend, Sandra Bryant, age 52.

According to police reports, the elder Bryant tried to hold off the younger Felder by putting her in a headlock and biting her on the wrist, while Felder claimed that Bryant repeatedly scratched her on both her arms and chest.

For their roles in the 'Biscuit Brawl,' Felder and Bryant were each charged with harassment.

No word on whether there were any biscuits left over.

Strange crimes of Bethlehem

If you think women fighting over biscuits is somewhat of a strange crime, it does not even compare to other happenings in Bethlehem such as the underwear-wearing man who was severely beaten with a Wiffle bat.

Earlier in August, an underwear-clad, porch dweller by the name of Donald Fehr suffered a broken jaw, fractured skull and several broken teeth after being bludgeoned by way of a Wiffle bat (and later a man's fists).

According to police, Fehr was sitting on his porch wearing only his undies when he was approached by three gentlemen.

One of the men, Hector Morales Jr., asked that Fehr don proper attire because his girlfriend would be arriving shortly.

Upon refusal, Morales opened up a whole Wiffle of hurt on Fehr and earned himself an aggravated assault merit badge and number of other related charges.

Underwear-wearing man severely beaten in Wiffle bat attack

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