BoSox manager Bobby V gets ejected, mouthful of umpire's gum [VIDEO]

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Bobby Valentine's first ejection as manager of the Boston Red Sox was not without its highlights, as the seasoned skipper hopped, hollered and made quite a fuss in front of umpire Gary Darling; however, it was Darling's mouth, or rather his gum, that made the biggest splash in the manager meltdown.

Coming out to argue a call after Marlon Byrd grounded up the middle and Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ty Wigginton appeared to come off the bag when fielding Jimmy Rollins' throw from short, Bobby V huffed and puffed and got a wad of big league chew in his face.

After hopping around the first base line, Valentine got right in the face of Darling, who, after listening to the BoSox manager's tirade, decided to interject with a few choice comments of his own. What happened next bordered on ultimate GIF hilarity as Darling's wad of chewing gum appeared to fly out of his mouth, almost landing in Bobby V's mouth before falling down the manager's chest.

Check out the video of the incident below.

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