Chinese village disappears following UFO sighting

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Are UFOs to blame for the disappearance of an entire village located in the mountains of China?

There have been quite a few UFO sightings and reported paranormal activity over the course of the past two months, but those reports pale in comparison to a recent account that claims that an entire Chinese village located near the Qin Ling Mountains has vanished following reports of UFOs seen flying over the area.

In a report published on the website Knowelty, eyewitnesses reported seeing eight glowing and rotating lights in the sky prior to the disappearance of the village. The rotating lights then flew north and disappeared into the sky.

“There was a purple flash and then the clouds turned black,” claimed one eyewitness. “This lasted for awhile and then there was a loud bang like thunder.”

Making the disappearance even more believable is that the closest nearby highway Xianyang Highway, which the villagers would have had to use if they indeed fled their village, was reportedly closed off with barriers and soldiers.

At the time of the event, eyewitnesses claimed to see lights in the night sky, but also numerous snakes fleeing the area and a number of individuals heading into a nearby nuclear base situated in the Qin Ling Mountains.

Since the report was published, Shaanxi Province police and military stationed around Qin Ling Mountain have both gone on record disputing the reports of the eyewitnesses and say that the lights in the sky were, “merely spotlights.”

Adding to the intrigue of this incident is the fact that villagers claim that a military convoy consisting of tanks, missiles and personnel were seen entering the area following the alleged UFO abduction.

UFO shuts down Chinese airport

News of the possible UFO sighting and abduction in the Qin Ling Mountains comes less than one month after an unidentified flying object forced a Chinese airport to close for a short period of time.

In this particular instance, three flights heading to the airport located in Baoutou, Inner Mongolia, had to circle the airport until they were given clearance to land, while two other flights intending to land at the airport were diverted elsewhere.

At the time, the alleged UFO sighting in Baoutou was the eighth report of a UFO sighting in China since the end of June 2010.

Baoutou is located roughly 1,000 km north of Shaanxi, China, which is close to where the alleged incident involving the village near the Qin Ling Mountains took place.

UFO forces shutdown of Chinese airport


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