New York Jets wideout Braylon Edwards involved in minor car crash

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Braylon Edwards, the flashy star wide receiver for the New York Jets, was involved in a car accident early Friday morning.

According to Detroit, the Jets receiver was driving his 2011 Audi in Belle Isle, Michigan, an area that is part of the islands in the Isle Royale National Park, driving onto the grass and striking a pylon.

Both Edwards and an unidentified male passenger were uninjured in the car crash, with the football player's father, Stan Edwards, telling the Detroit Free Press that, “He's fine. It amounted to a fender bender. No one was injured.”

Edwards himself did not immediately return phone messages that were left for him, but he did confirm what his father had previously said on his Twitter account, writing “Got into a fender bender last night, turns out Audi's & rain don't mix to well. I'm good, thanks for all the prayers & concern.”

Detroit police declined to ticket Edwards for the incident and stated later on that there was no indication that alcohol was a factor in the accident.

The former Michigan Wolverines standout has had his fair share of alcohol and vehicle-related issues, including one drunken driving charge, since entering the league as a first round pick (3rd overall) of the Cleveland Browns in 2005.

As a member of the Wolverines and the Browns organization, Edwards was ticketed numerous times for speeding violations, including a 2006 ticket for driving 61 mph in a 30 mph zone and 2008 incident in which the wide receiver was ticketed for driving 120 mph in a 65 mph zone.

Following an altercation at a Cleveland night club in 2009, Edwards was charged with misdemeanor assault for striking a local party promoter named Edward Givens in the face. He would later plead no contest and was given a 180-day suspended jail sentence.

Perhaps his most troublesome crime came in September of this past year when Edwards blew a .016 – twice the legal alcohol limit – after being pulled over by authorities for excessively tinted windows on his Range Rover. He would receive a DWI charge for the incident and the case is still pending an may eventually go to trial sometime in 2011.

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Submitted by Karol (not verified) on
Dude... You can't drive in isle Royale National Park. It's a biosphere reserve. It's closer to Canada than the US, so why is Detroit there, checking things out? Me thinks someone's 'cut' hit the wrong line in Wikipedia...

Submitted by Common Sense (not verified) on
Haha so much for doing the minimum amount of research....hey Neal, Belle Isle is an island park on the Detroit River, even Wikipedia can tell you that. Isle Royale is 12 + hours into Northern Michigan from Detroit and there are no cars allowed...HIGHLY doubt he was there.

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