SF Giants player Pablo Sandoval pies Bay Area reporter [VIDEO]

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A CSN Bay Area reporter may have got more than she bargained for during an interview with San Francisco Giants outfielder Angel Pagan on Saturday. Following the Giants 4-0 interleague victory over the cross-town Oakland A's, CSN's Jaymee Sire was all set to wrap up her interview with Pagan, until, of course, Pablo Sandoval decided to give her the pie treatment.

For those wondering, a pie to the face is usually a ritual saved for a player who has performed above and beyond that game (i.e. striking out the side, walk-off homeruns, etc.). While the act is usually referenced as 'pieing' or a 'pie to the face', it's actually evolved to the point where players just spray shaving cream in a towel and shove it in a teammates face.

Such was the case for Pagan, who continued his recent hot streak by going 2-for-4 with 2 RBI's on the day. He was on the receiving end of a pie, compliments of Sandoval, during his interview with Sire.

However, hitting Pagan with a pie just wasn't enough for Sandoval, who snuck around behind Sire and, much to the enjoyment of everyone in the audience and, now, the online community, hit her with her very own towel pie. Oh, you clubhouse guys.

Sire, to her credit, laughed off the incident, but could be heard telling Sandoval she would avenge the frosted deed.'

Check out the video of Pablo Sandoval's pie exploits below.

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