SI cover model Kate Upton dancing again at video game event [VIDEO]

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Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton makes waves. She's perhaps the hottest thing on the internet these days, and for good reason. Her videos, including ones of Upton doing "The Dougie" and the "Cat Daddy" have gone viral, but will that be the case for the dancing video filmed last week at an MLB 2K12 event?

In attendance to host the 2K Sports MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge and hand over a million dollar check to winner Christopher Gilmore, Upton found herself in the middle of a 2K12 sandwich, with the cover girl being the meat between MLB Cave Dwellers Ricky and Ricardo's bread.

Breaking out the "Drop It Real Low" (MLB Fan Cave Mix) by Carolina Black & The Arcitype, Ricky and Ricardo start things off slowly before ripping off their jerseys and treating Upton to a "truffle shuffle" for the ages. Upton, playing the part of the good sport, laughs along and even dances a bit, but appears to be somewhat shaken by the spectacle playing out before her eyes.

Check out the video of Kate Upton and the MLB Cave Dwellers below.

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