Under the Sea: Little Mermaid attraction opens at Disney California Adventure

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With the opening of the 'Ariel's Undersea Adventure' attraction at Disney California Adventure Park, fans of The Little Mermaid will have a chance to delve deeper into the underwater world of the 1989 Academy Award-winning Disney film.

Located inside Disney California Adventure Park's 'Paradise Pier', 'Ariel's Undersea Adventure' opened for business on Friday, June 3, and will take guests of the park on an intimate Little Mermaid journey complete with characters and songs from the classic animated feature.

The attraction features a Victorian Exposition-style exterior adorned with statues of King Triton and other mermaids that will offer an enchanting view at night by way of thousands of lights.

'Ariel's Undersea Adventure' begins with riders boarding a “clamshell” car and the Scuttle, the seagull character from The Little Mermaid, giving a short passage before the ride begins and sends guests “under the sea.”

"Being involved in this attraction is a dream come true for me," said Lisa Girolami, Walt Disney Imagineer and Senior Show Producer for The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure. "I watched the movie when it first came out and I've seen it many, many times since. To be able to create Ariel's world and bring it to our guests, and then get to watch the faces of the kids and parents as they come through here, is just going to be the best thing ever."

To create Ariel's world, Walt Disney Imagineering used a series of special effects in order to develop the sensation of descending into the depths of the ocean while riding in the clamshell. The ride includes a series of stops that are representative of focal points in the film such as the treasure-filled Ariel's grotto and Ursula's lair.

Many of the original voice talents from the film reprise their roles as the famous characters from the beloved motion picture in the Disney California Adventure Park attraction, and the ride also includes a number of award-winning songs from the film's original score.

As part of Disney's 'Soundsational Summer' series, 'Ariel's Undersea Adventure' aims to be yet another classic attraction and a celebration of special memories of both film and character at the Disneyland Resort.

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