Zombie-sniping fun and more in 'Dead Trigger' for Android trailer [VIDEO]

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If you've got an Android phone and love to kill those with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh (aka zombies), then you will probably want to check out the trailer for the upcoming new living undead apocalypse-themed, "Dead Trigger."

Coming soon to Tegra 3 devices, Dead Trigger is a zombie massacre game that Android users will not want to miss. The game, designed by the same guys who rolled out the celebrated Shadowgun THD first-person shooter, Madfinger Games, for a zombie-themed FPS that is a full-on carnage fun.

The new trailer video for Dead Trigger, which drops on in June, shows off a lot of NVIDIA eye-candy by demonstrating the visual differences of the game played on a device using the brand-spanking-new Tegra 3 chip compared to the regular Android versions currently on the market.

Notes that accompanied the video read:

MADFINGER Games, creators of SHADOWGUN-- the third person shooter blockbuster, today announces the beginning of a new property -- DEAD TRIGGER. With DEAD TRIGGER, a ground breaking first person zombie shooter, MADFINGER Games continues to produce games with unparalleled and outstanding graphics paired with user-friendly game play on mobile devices.

DEAD TRIGGER is going to be released in June on both iOS and Android mobile devices. On NVIDIA Tegra 3 you'll get exclusive effects like enhanced ragdoll physics, advanced water, fluid and particle effects.

It's hard not to like what you see, especially when you consider the advancements made with the portable hardware, but one thing that is also on fully display is the fact that gameplay mechanics and controllers will be at the forefront of Dead Trigger, giving gamers the ultimate zombie-killing experience.

Check out the zombie-killing trailer for Dead Trigger below.

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