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DRUM! Magazine Writer Sticks “Hip” To New Orleans Guitar Player Leo Nocentelli

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Los Angeles – Josh Moscov, a writer/publicist for DRUM! Magazine as well as a drummer, has released a video, dedicated to New Orleans’ King Of Funk Guitar, Leo Nocentelli.

Moscov, who has played with a number of New Orleans artists, based the video on a live gig that he had the opportunity to sit in with Nocentelli in 1999. The video is available at

“Nocentelli came on stage and immediately ignited the audience with the song, “The Hip,” Moscov said. “The Batiste Brothers are amazing and I was just taken to the outer limits of groove by Nocentelli. That’s why I have wanted to create this dedication.”

Moscov performs on percussion and the Roland HandSonic. Additionally, he skats the “Hip” guitar line while playing percussion. During his performance, he is also commenting on other activities that were going on that night.

“My very good, Russell Batiste, was playing drums, but had borrowed a kit from another band, “ Moscov recalls. “And, as the gig progressed, he played harder and harder and broke the hi-hat stand. I mean, I could never play that hard.”

Well, that’s rhythmically up for contention.

About Josh Moscov
Josh Moscov has been playing drums and writing about the industry for more than 20 years. Over his career, he has worked in various public relations firms, such as Burson-Marsteller and The Terpin Group. Additionally, Moscov was nominated for a Belding Award in 1999 for his writing work on behalf of the Advertising Insurance Emergency Fund. He currently is the publicist for Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip/drum percussion magazines worldwide.

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