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Killzone 3 is helping Sony sell PS3 systems

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Data custom compiled by HULIQ News shows a direct correlation between increased pre-orders of Killzone 3 and sales of Playstation 3 consoles.

In a multi-platform game economy, platform holders often have to be content to rake in license fees for games sold for their respective game consoles, but a world where every game is multi-platform is a world where there is no reason to own both an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3. Enter the system exclusive, a title whose software sales are important - but which exist to move hardware more than anything else. The most important upcoming system exclusive is Sony and Guerilla Games' Killzone 3, the second title in the franchise on the PS3, and data compiled by HULIQ News indicates that this important new FPS title is doing its job for Sony: Playstation 3 sales have been spiking along with pre-orders of the title.

HULIQ News has been regularly publishing a weekly tracking chart analyzing the top 20 selling SKUs of video game software and major hardware purchases (e.g. systems and large peripherals, such as the PS Move and Kinect). In watching the trends of early 2011, for a surprisingly long time pre-orders of Killzone 3 were on the proverbial milk carton. In fact, for the week of January 24th, I wrote that "Sony execs counting on [Killzone 3] being a halo title for its Playstation Move controller (not to mention 3D gaming) are no doubt shifting uncomfortably in their chairs as pre-order data rolls in."

Since then, pre-orders of the game have ramped up considerably, and data for this week shows the strongest demand for the title to date. Much of this can be attributed to the release data of February 22nd approaching but, more importantly, Sony released an 'open beta' of the title's multiplayer component over PSN late this week. The game is remarkably polished, and pre-orders have continued to spike as more players pile on the servers.

Even more importantly for Sony, however, is that the marked increase in Killzone 3 pre-orders has been matched by a sudden jump in sales of the 160GB version of the Playstation 3 console. The console has seen some aggressive promotions lately, most notably by specialty retailer GameStop, which did spark a measured increase in demand. Data for the current week is not yet complete, but early indicators show that the console saw a sudden spike in sales beyond the previous promotional increase - just as Killzone 3 pre-orders spiked around the launch of the open beta.

HULIQ News is continuing to track this data, and the regular weekly tracking chart will be released Tuesday morning.

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