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Steam users get interesting bonus for pre-ordering Homefront

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THQ and Steam have partnered to give PC gamers some love if they pre-order the upcoming game Homefront, giving away a free copy of a game considered by many as 'criminally overlooked'.

Much of the focus in game development, particularly in the FPS genre, gets put on console gamers where the vast majority of multi-platform games really make their money. That said, publisher THQ and developer Kaos Theory are attempting to court PC gamers feeling spurned by horrid PC version of Call of Duty titles and the increasing lack of support (e.g. dedicated servers) by previously PC-centric franchises like Battlefield.

The upcoming Homefront is a multi-platform title, and while the developers have not revealed whether there will be official mod support, they have confirmed dedicated servers will be an option for gamers who want it. In another gesture to PC gamers, THQ and digitial distribution service Steam have partnered to offer an impressive pre-order bonus: buy Homefront early and receive an entirely free copy of Metro 2033.

Metro 2033 has received some decidedly mixed critical feedback since its release last year, but it is considered as one of the more graphically impressive PC titles currently available. Several prominent game critics, most notably Michael Abbott of The Brainy Gamer, have been giving the game some love lately - and few can argue with getting a game that still sells for $40 completely free if you pre-purchase a game that looks, at the very least, an intriguing take on the FPS genre.

The latest news surrounding Homefront was that the game would be censored in Japan, so this is a good shift for THQ and Kaos Theory. It is also, no doubt, an attempt to drum up interest in the Metro franchise, as a sequel (Metro 2034) has been confirmed as 'in the works'.

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