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3000 petition stiff sentence for WV puppy killer

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3,000 people have signed an online petition for a harsh sentence against a 19-year-old charged with 29 counts of animal cruelty in West Virginia.

Jeffrey Nalley Jr. was arrested earlier this month on charges of misdemeanor domestic battery, felony kidnapping and twenty-nine counts of felony animal cruelty. Nally abused the puppies to torture his hostage and former girlfriend. He also physically and sexually abused her.

The incident took place in Hancock County, West Virginia. Online petitioners from Australia to Spain have signed for a stiff penalty against Nally. So far, 3220 signatures have been gathered for the petition at the website is concerned with social justice causes. Its focus includes animals, criminal justice, education, environment, gay rights, health, human rights, human trafficking, immigrant rights, poverty in America, sustainable food and women's rights. The website is the go to place to promote social justice. The outrage against Nally for his murder of puppies is global and strong.

When police found Nally, there was a black lab alive. The lab's siblings had been murdered either with gunshots or snapped necks. Police officials think Nally started killing the dogs in January. When police arrested him there were 29 dead dogs, most of the dogs were puppies on Nally's property. Police also believed that Nally used his bare hands, drills, hammers and other weapons besides guns to kill the puppies.

Nally's girlfriend voluntarily moved in with him in December. One month later, it is believed the dog torture, mutilation and murders began in the effort to further torture the girlfriend who had become a kidnapped victim forced to clean up the murdered dogs.

The victim's mother telephoned police and reported that Nally had threatened to kill himself, his victim and any police officer who encroached his property. West Virginia State Police assembled a SWAT team to arrest Nally.

There were three remaining dogs when police found Nally and his girlfriend. Those three dogs were adopted. Writers at suggested that Nally got the puppies from people who believed that the Nally was adopting the pets and providing them with a good and safe home.

The SWAT team was able to arrest Nally and remove his former girlfriend without incident.

Concerned citizens and animal rights activists are urged to write Hancock County's First District Court in care of:
James W. Davis, Jr
Hancock County Prosecutor Office
P.O. Box 924
New Cumberland, WV 26047

Brenda Jackson, Circuit Clerk
P.O. Box 428
New Cumberland, WV 26047


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