5 Must Haves In Your Pantry a la Dr. Oz To Combat Weekday Hassle

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One of Dr. Oz’s nutrition bloggers left her 5 pantry must haves with Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz shared the list on Facebook and some of the picks are a little different.

Typically pantries are filled with canned soup, instant pasta, rice, beans, and even canned meat and seafood. The pantry is the go to, at home, grocery stop for rainy days, budget crunches and lazy days.

Dr. Oz’s blogger has five go to foods in the pantry. Of the five, only two items are must haves that average, healthy and not so healthy eaters keep in their cabinets. The rest are a little off-brand and unchartered in kitchen delicacies as well as economics.

5. Beans. Dr. Oz’s crony has culinary creative ideas for beans, other than a side tray punishment for sixth graders. Beans are great for dip as well and additions to salads. And it’s a great protein souce.

4. Nuts. Many people don’t get nuts unless its in cereal, breakfast bars, candy or trail mix. Nuts are also high in protein, and nuts are great in salads too. Dr. Oz’s blogger has even more ideas for the shelled super food.

3. Dried plums. Dried plums are a new food f or a lot of people. The idea of preserving plums and consuming plums in any other state than off a tree is unsettling for some. But Oz’s blogger says it’s a great addition to many foods and many dishes. Plus, plums in its dried states, are antioxidants.

2. Canned tomatoes like preserved and packaged plums may be hard to swallow for some. Particularly urban dwellers who grow fruit and veggies in their apartment kitchens. For others, canned tomatoes sound as appealing and tomato juice in the morning with bacon and eggs. But Oz’s blogger says the canned tomatoes are good with chili, soup or added as topping.

1. Canned pumpkin. Of all of the go to pantry foods on the list, canned pumpkin makes the most sense because who doesn’t want pumpkin pie all year round. Alongside canned pumpkin would be evaporated milk, a must for the canned food version of pumpkin pie.

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What are you pantry staples. Do they rival Oz's crony, or is your list drastically different from the above list?

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