America's Next Top Model tries taming blogger BryanBoy

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America’s Next Top Model social media correspondent BryanBoy disappointed television fans again this week.

Last week at Leila’s elimination, BryanBoy couldn’t contain his disappointment. Brittany and Yvonne noticed his disapproval and Brittany actually approached BryanBoy about the slight. BryanBoy didn’t apologize to Brittany and nor did he assure her that she belonged in the competition.

Brittany garnered a great deal of strength and determination after her tete a tete with BryanBoy. In the end, Brittany walked away with second best photo.

Although Brittany didn’t let BryanBoy get her down, model Yvonne had a big problem with the freaky fashion blogger. Yvonne thought he was rude and mentioned it in her confessional. At her photo shoot, BryanBoy went off on Yvonne because she blew and air bubble (like kids do when they’re bored and disappointed).

BryanBoy chastised Yvonne on set—a pretty lame and unprofessional gesture—and Yvonne wasn’t having any of it. She basically told BryanBoy to shut it up and beat it. Before the conflict got any worse, Johnny escorted Yvonne to wardrobe for a costume change.

Problem solved. Almost.

Kiara convinced Yvonne to back down and suck it up, and Yvonne wasted her time apologizing to the blogger whose ego and head is about ten times larger than Kelly Cutrone’s. Tyra applauded Yvonne for being woman enough to apologize because, Tyra said, not everyone knows how to apologize.

Perhaps that was an indirect reference to BryanBoy who owed Brittany and Yvonne apologies, but wasn’t mature enough to spit one out.

At any rate, judging on Cycle 19 is incredibly interesting. Kelly Cutrone hated the photos that Tyra and Rob loved. Kiara’s long legs were stunning in the steampunk photo challenge where the girls posed with a large owl perched on their arms.

But Cutrone hated Kiara's pic. It's possible Cutrone just dislikes Kiara.

Brittany channeled a Halloween Eve Disney Princess and a Tim Burton character in her steampunk photo shoot. Fans loved it, and so did Tyra and Rob. But Cutrone hated it. She said Brittany looked like a ghost.

The entire episode belonged to model Laura who won the video game challenge and best photo. Last night’s challenge sets Laura up to star as a video game character’s voice and image. Laura said she feels much more confident now that Leila’s out of the competition.

Laura feels that cheerleader Kristen is her biggest competition, but in the end Kristen’s adherence to dumb blonde stereotypes may be her downfall. Rob said Laura’s like a sponge because she absorbs what the judges tell her and improves each week. In other words, Laura's a pretty smart young lady.

Victoria, on the other hand, is slipping in the competition. Most viewers hoped she’d fall out of the competition this week. Victoria’s a very different girl from the rest of the bunch and next week the models are going to call Victoria out for noy eating.

In its19 cycles, Victoria’s probably one of the most different personalities. Victoria’s symbiotic relationship with her mom frightens the other girls. Moreover, when Victoria won her challenge, she didn’t invite any of the girls to stay with her in the Tyra suite, testimony to Victoria’s inability to give or share with the others.

Next week Victoria answers to roommates and competitors whose collegiate experiences are far more interpersonal that what Victoria’s accustomed to at home with her mom.

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Submitted by Camille (not verified) on
I think I like Victoria more because the other girls of the house don’t. She brings a spooky “Norman Bates” quality to the show. I’m not sure how I feel about the upcoming episode, and the girls accusing Victoria of an eating disorder. Hopefully, Tyra will step in, and diffuse the situation. I will miss the next episode because of my new work schedule at DISH. I set my Hopper to record this episode, and since I have so much recording room I’m going to record the rest of the season. I’m not a fan of Kelly Cutrone, and hopefully she will be replaced by the time cycle 20 comes along.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Victoria, is being victimized, she is different and those other girls have shamed ANTM. Under the guise of being concerned they continue to point out in blanked out phrases the Victoria is "crazy" how awful it is to hear that sort of talk coming from a group of women who are suppose to represent America. Victoria by default and virtue should rise above and become ANTM.

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