Antics in Anguilla: Phaedra versus Kenya's meds

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Did anyone catch when Walter asked Kenya if she’d taken her meds on the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night?

More and more, house wreck Kenya is bearing an eerie resemblance to Beverly Hills Housewife Kim Richards last season. Before Richards got clean and sober.

When the Atlanta housewives made it to their suites in Anguilla, Kenya complained about her room. Walter, who seems more and more reluctant about his relationship with Kenya, stood over Kenya and asked her repeatedly if she’d taken her meds.

Kenya’s face was buried in a pillow and she moaned about not having a bathtub.

And this was after Kenya Moore took the ladies and their husbands on a speeding boat ride that turned into a flashdance episode for supermodel Cynthia Bailey.

Viewers aren’t asking if Kenya Moore is mental. They’re saying that she needs to learn the old fashioned way not to flirt with other women’s husbands.

And while fans are all coming to Phaedra’s defense for unleashing the donkey booty in a g-string bikini and wide fishnet cover-up, where’s the sympathy for Kenya’s 12th man, Walter?

Walter sits bye idly and uncomfortably while Kenya dallies out of control. One minute Kenya’s flirting with Apollo. The next she’s strip dancing with Peter. Fifty seconds later, she’s asking for a sperm donation from a perfect stranger.

Is Season 5 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta entertainment or a documentary of Kenya's Moore mental health issues spiraling out of control?

Kenya’s a wreck and maybe deserves the title home wrecker. She’s got her sights on Apollo, a guy who’s younger and sexier than she is, and that upsets his Southern Belle wife Phaedra.

Phaedra versus Kenya has been on for about a week now. Fortunately, Phaedra’s got allies in high places with NeNe Leakes.

And we all know, NeNe Leakes does not like homewreckers (ahem, remember Season One? NeNe to Kim Zolciak: Keep your legs closed to married men!”).

Next week, it appears NeNe puts Miss Kenya in a headlock. Quite frankly, that’s the episode viewers are waiting to see.

Black women stereotypes transmitted via portals like BET and rap videos are damaging and insulting to African American women (not girls, but women) everywhere. Kenya Moore reaffirms those stereotypes for Bravo. Good on Bravo, ratings wise.

But plenty of African American wives and women are not feeling Kenya Moore. At all.

Thus, Kenya Moore gets Season Five of the Real Housewives of Atlanta ultimate Buffoon award.

On a side note, Kroy Biermann’s team, the Atlanta Falcons, got whipped by the North Carolina Panthers yesterday afternoon.

It may be a coincidence that Kroy and Kim’s uglier, nastier side was set to air only hours after the game. Kim left the table, pulled off her mike, and interestingly, Kroy was right outside waiting in the SUV. Moreover, Kroy threatened cameras and Bravo with a lawsuit. (Really, Kroy? Your wife was a reality star before she met you?) And technically, she was working and cameras following her is the job she signed up for.

So typical that a man would end a woman's career for the bedroom, a ring and babies. The ATL girls have summarily dismissed Kim as a total fake and hence ended her reality television career with Bravo.

Kandi doesn’t think Kim will contact the women again and Kim has declared that the women are not her friends. With two small babies at home, it’s probably best Kim beat it. Kim’s got a lot of real housewife work to do raising those children.

Even if June Cleaver isn’t exactly up her alley.

photo credit: Phaedra Parks, Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo/Facebook


Submitted by Sunny (not verified) on
I will say that this season is better than the last with little less negativity. No back stabbing from Sheree and "saying and doing anything for attention" from what her face x-con. The women instantly meshed better after Kim quit. Now they need to just DROP Kenya. She flirts nonstop in front of her man and wonder why she doesn't have a ring. He asked her if 'she' was ready to marry because she's a shameless flirt. He seems like a nice enough guy and shouldn't settle for a home wrecker. If she does all of that in front of him, could you even imagine what she would do behind his (and Phaedra's) back if given then chance. I too, am a Southern Belle from Birmingham and love to visit Atlanta, but I would hate to move there because women like Kenya give it a BAD name. SMH....

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