Best Burger Restaurants in the U.S. 2013

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The best thing to know about big cities is where the best burger restaurants are.

Citysearch, that online local guide where users share the lowdown on everything from schools to food, polled its users on the best restaurants in their cities. 25,000 votes and more than 1,000 nominated merchants later, the best restuarants in ten major cities are up.

The restaurants are chosen by category. Each merchant used Facebook, Twitter and other social media to muster up consumer votes. The ten cities in the best lists are:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco

The best burger joints in the following list indicate the best burger restaurants in the city as chosen by locals. The list doesn't indicate that a burger restaurant in San Francisco is better than, or higher ranking than the best burger spot in Houston or vice versa.

Best Burger Restuarants of 2013

Atlanta: Grindhouse Killer Burgers on Piedmont Avenua in NE ATL, Grindhouse is branded as "Atlanta's answer to NYC's Shake Shack."

Austin: Hopdoddy Burger Bar on S. Congress Ave. "Hopdoddy Burger Bar took Austin's Burger community by storm with a fierce commitment to local, natural ingredients.

Kuma's Corner on W. Belmont. :"Creative burgers that are also total metal. Try the famous Kuma burger with a slab of bacon and fried egg on top."

Houston: Christian's Tailgate Bar on White Oak Drive. Citysearch reviews say: If you want a solid, meaty burger, Christian's Tailgate delivers with delicious thick patties."

Los Angeles: Umami Burger on the Trhe Grove Drive. "House-ground, hand-formed house-made are a few phrases that describe the Umami burger menu." So tasty! and Yum! are a few more."

Philadelphia: Bobby's Burger Palace on Walnut Street. "Bobby Flay brings great burgers to Philly."

Portland: Little Big Burger, 10th Avenue. "Small burgers make you feel dainty, so you'll eat two. And you'll love 'em. Try the fries."

New York: Txikito on Ninth Avenue. "The secret weapon if this Chelsea snack bar is the El Doble, a double cheesburger made with mouthwatering raw sheep's milk cheese and heritage beef."

San Francisco: Super Duper Burger on Market Street. "Super Duper Burger makes "fast food" burgers the San Francisco way (natural ingredients, environmentally responsible).

Seattle: Zippy's Giant Burgers on 14th Ave. SW. "What's better than a delicious, juicy burger? A giant delicious juicy burger. Have it all at Zippy's Giant Burgers."

"Our 2013 Best of Citysearch Restaurants poll was especially exciting for us as we had over 25,000 votes spread across 10 markets with more than 1,000 nominated merchants," said David Israel, Director of Content & Community, Citysearch. "The social space was big for us this time around, with more than 300 merchants getting the vote out via Twitter and Facebook, including big names like Mario Batali, Rick Bayless and The Four Seasons."

Voters were also asked to choose other "best" restaurant categories outside of burgers, including, best coffee, best desserts, best new restaurant, and best Indian food.

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