Black and White Project Runway collections headed to Fashion Week

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More sleepy than the pre-finale episode of Project Runway were the contestants designs.

Three of the final four designers, Dimitry, Christopher and Melissa, brought a mostly black and white three piece collection to the runway. Because the three had a boring and uninspiring color palette, Fabio Costa’s weird tie-dye batiks were winners with the Project Runway judges.

Christopher’s x-ray prints, xrays of his mother, were really cute. Heidi Klum loved the colors, but didn’t see any major “wow” pieces in his three runway pieces. And the story of his mother's bones as a print design was a bit "creepy" in Heidi's words..Heidi said she thought Christopher's work was boring, but Michael Kors loved it.

Kors encouraged Christopher to keep mixing pieces because the pieces he showed were all separates and none of the' matched separates contributed anything particularly special for the other.Nina Garcia didn’t appreciate much that Christopher's clothes were so dark and considered the dark colors a departure from his usual work. Nina Garcia also disliked that Christopher's clothes looked so similar to each other.Two of his pieces were shorts.The x-ray dress was also a mini.

Christopher couldn’t show his other clothes because the models couldn’t fit it. Dimitry had the same dilemma.

Fabio Costa’s tie-dye designs were boring and plain and perhaps something a vendor would sell on the sidewalk. Granola gone Greek goddess. Fabio's "Cosmic Tribalism" collection was a bit weird--water colors, loose fit, and a lot of draping. “Captivating” according to Tim Gunn.

The only reason Fabio skated through is because of everyone else's drab black and white. Heidi was "intrigued" by Fabio’s different point of view. Kors said Fabio's work was "cool" because he used sweet colors on edgier, tough girl clothing.

Nina Garcia found some of Fabio's pieces very beautiful, but she wanted the clothing to look more luxurious and expensive. She said Fabio's clothes looked really junior and his collection needed to be more sophisticated and polished.

Airy and tough is what Fabio was going for. But Tim was completely baffled and confused by his collection and wondered about his inspiration and innovation in regard to a summery time pantset that Fabio paired with a winter, suede leather ankle boots. Fabio’s solution: dye the boots a lighter color. Kors loved it.

Melissa also loved Fabio’s collection, the lightness, the airiness of it and the color palette. Melissa was confident about her collection in San Francisco, but got nervous once she eyed the competition.

Dimitry’s work came across as unsurprising to Tim, even though the craftsmanship was there and apparent and expected. Dimitry felt his work would win over Christopher because Christopher, Dimitry felt, didn’t push himself much. Dimitry, “underwhelmed” by Christopher’s work, disapproved of the contrast in Christopher’s collection. Some pieces were for loose women and other pieces were far more sophisticated, Dimitry noted.

In all, it was interesting how Dimitry dismissed Fabio and Melissa as his true competition. The judges didn't like Dimitry's styling, and nor did they care for his 80s idea of nude shirts with a black bra underneath.

Garcia told Dimitry that the purity and simplicity of his garments needed to shine because if he threw everything into one piece, his work risked losing the audiences’ attention.

Christopher had nothing good to say about Dimitry’s clothes, except take it off the mannequin already.
Melissa’s collectin, Obsidian, got a smile from Nina Garcia, but the balck and white was annoying.

In the end, after the criticism and doubt of the judges, all four contestants landed a spot at fashion week.

photocredit: Lifetime/Project Runway

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