British press says Iran pays Taliban to kill U.S. Soldiers

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All day yesterday, the buzz was Tony Blair 's lack of regret for siding with George Bush and the attack on Iraq. Blair said he had "no regrets." He also said that Iran is responsible for much of the terrorist ideology that fuels the Taliban. Today, his words ring true as reports indicate Iran has sponsored and funded the deaths and attacks on American troops in Afghanistan.

Reports from a British newspaper reveal that at least five Iranian companies in Kabul, Afghanistan are financing the murders of U.S. soldiers. Assassins are paid $1,000 by "Taliban treasurers" and in just the past four days, 22 American soldiers have been killed.

Afghan intelligence and sources within the Taliban told The Times that five or six new companies, one of them a construction company, have been created during the past six months. The companies are a front that give money to Taliban fighters to murder Afghan and American soldiers.

Sunday's The Times story tells of a "Taliban treasurer" who delivered an $18,000 cash reward in a sack of flour to a Taliban fighter who had killed several Afghan troops and destroyed an armored U.S. vehicle.

The fighter was reportedly paid $6,000 for destruction of the vehicle.

The companies who are hiring Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers are funded from from contracts that are meant to assist in the Afghanistan reconstruction effort. Foreign donors are usually the source of the contract funding.

General Petraeus, in recent weeks has asked Washington to look closer at the way contracts are awarded for the rebuilding of Afghanistan. The process has left many Afghan power brokers displeased. Many of those power brokers have resorted to a criminal syndicate and sided with insurgents and the Taliban, rather than cooperate with the new Afghanistan government.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai made it clear that he wants all of the foreign security contractors phased out of Afghanistan within the next four months.

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