On the campaign trail, Alicia Florrick enjoys winning

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Alicia Florrick, CBS's The Good Wife, refused to play "thunderdome" and gossip about co-worker partners at the firm with Mr. Hayden, the firm’s trustee hired to make staff cuts.

Hayden asked Alicia why should she be kept on at Lockhart and Gardner. “I’m good,” Alicia replied. And when asked how she felt about co-workers, Alicia refused to answer. She said she likes everyone and that she believes everyone does a good job.

Not all of the partners felt the same about Alicia when the trustee asked. The most outspoken partner, John Gaultner, said partners had issues with Alicia. By the end of the workday, Diane casually informed Alicia that Gaultner had been let go.

As the trustee made his cuts, Will returned to the courtroom a full-fledged, unsuspended, practicing lawyer. Diane, fully conscious that Will is driven by ego and libido, insisted Alicia accompany Will in court simply because Will “does better” when there is someone there he feels he must impress.

Diane’s pairing Alicia and Will together suggests that Diane is completely over Will and Alicia’s affair. Furthermore, she’s not afraid to use their liaison to benefit the firm. Will, in the eyes of trustee Hayden is a more passionate that pragmatic, a flaw he feels is responsible for the firm’s bankruptcy.

Will’s client was offered an $800,000 settlement, but Will suggested the firm hold out for more. The trustee disagreed, and in the end, Will netted about $3.5 million.

Kalinda and her ex, Severese, are still playing around like Chris Brown and Rihanna. They’re mean to each other and pretty frightening on screen. Whatever Saverese’s and Kalinda’s past, Saverese’s presence was affecting Kalinda’s work. Kalinda ignored several of Will’s phone calls, a slight that displeased Will enough to mention it to Kalinda.

After the Will’s lambast, Kalinda approached Alicia about Saverese and told Alicia that Saverese is her husband. Last week, Saverese wanted Lockhart and Gardner to handle his business’s incorporation. Alicia was assigned as Saverese’s attorney.

“Is he dangerous?” Alicia asked. Kalinda said she didn’t know. Alicia then reminded Kalinda the she once said Saverese was dangerous.
By the end of the episode, Alicia dumped Saverese as her client.

Maura Tierney starred in the second episode of the season as a feminist lawyer and Lockhart and Gardner’s landlord. Diane wanted to sweet talk Tierney’s character, Maddie Hayward, into lowering their rent.

Hayward was too busy to speak with Diane, but suggested Diane send Alicia in her place. Hayward had specific interests in Alicia as the wife who “stood by her husband.”
Alicia met with Maddie and it’s immediately clear that Maddie has little to no interest in Diane’s financial problems. Maddie is much more interested in Peter’s campaign. Maddie asks Alicia a few personal questions about her and Peter’s relationships, questions that Alicia refuses to answer when reporters ask.

When all was said and done, Lockhart and Gardner didn’t get a break on their lease agreement, but Peter Florrick gained an influential backer and supporter for his gubernatorial campaign.

By the end of the episode, Alicia and Peter were “chilling” together on the campaign bus. Although their marriage isn’t completely reconciled (they live in separate dwellings), Alicia is clearly enjoying her life as the good wife on the campaign trail.

Part of being “good” it seems, is winning and the work it takes along the way.

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