Chocolate Dipping: make chocolate and fruit your new comfort food

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Chocolate is good for the body and fruits are too, so what if we combine the health benefits of both?

Double up on the health benefits of fruit and chocolate by dipping favored fruits in milky chocolate. It’s a great replacement for traditional, but cholesterol and calorie laden comfort foods like cake, donuts, and cookies. Eating fruits all day, every day, is a dieter’s secret as well.

Chocolate dipped fruit has become big business and several online retailers vie for chocolate fruit customers regardless of the season.

Chocolate dipping is great fun for kids. Here are some favorite, and even unconventional fruits, to dip in chocolate. Most fruits need to be frozen for at least an hour before dipping.

Strawberries. Freeze the strawberries and chill the chocolate. Or, freeze the chocolate dipped strawberries and serve frozen.

Raspberries. Tart fruit mixed with chocolate is a great balance. Freeze fruit or serve with cool chocolate.

Bananas. Slice bananas, insert Popsicle stick, freeze for an hour, remove from freezer and dip in chocolate.

Pears. How do you like your pears? If you eat the skins, dip cooled pears in chocolate. Otherwise, peel, chill and dip.

Apricots. Freeze and dip.

Kiwi. Peel, freeze and dip.

Honeydew melon. Cut fruit into shapes. Refrigerate or freeze and dip.

Mangos. Mangos are messy, but well chilled mangos dipped in chocolate taste really good.

Apples. Most prefer caramel, but chocolate and green or red apples always deserve a shot of chocolate.

Peaches. Chill for an hour, peel, and dip.

If chocolate candy like fruit desserts are preferred, freeze dipped fruits up to two days.

Chocolate, in moderation, is good for the cardiovascular system.

Fruits are natural, low fat and sodium treats that everyone can enjoy without the risk of increasing their cholesterol count. A healthy consumption of fruits is believed to protect the body against certain cancers as well as reduce risks of heart disease, like heart attack and stroke.

Fruits are exceptionally nutritious: bananas are a fine source of potassium and fruits are a good source of vitamin C and folic acid, nutrients not readily found in cooked foods. Folic acid is an especially important nutrient for child bearing women as folic acid is believed to reduce risks of neurological disorders in babies.

And don’t forget to add walnuts to the chocolate dipped fruits because walnuts are especially healthy too.

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