Chris Rock rocks Broadway and Good Morning America

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Chris Rock kicked it on Good Morning America with the terminally square George Stephanopoulos.

Rock was on the GMA set this morning to promote the Broadway play he's starring in, "The Mother.. .. With the Hat." Rock said the play was written by a talented new playwright, Stephen Adly Guirgis, and that the play is like a modern day Honeymooners with drugs. Rock plays a drug rehab counselor.

Rock joked about the freezing cold dressing room on the Good Morning America set and joked more about the dressing room being the same one used by Chris Brown when he had his meltdown in the other week after his interview on GMA. For most of his chat this morning, Rock made several jokes about Chris Rock and Rihanna. He said he'd like to see the duo do a show on GMA together. He said he'd host that show. Rock said he'd like them both to sing, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "It Hurts So Bad." Rock said he'd like to see the two reconcile, but issued a disclaimer in case anyone seriously believes he advocates violence against women. In fact, he said more than twice, all jokes aside, that men should not hit women.

Rock also defended Charlie Sheen who got booed in Detroit in the first stretch of his stand up show. Rock said that he's been booed in Detroit and joked that President Obama ought to send troops to Detroit to handle civil unrest--the result of angry concert goers. Stephanopoulos couldn't hold his head upright throughout the interview for laughing at Rock's jokes--an incessant string of unscripted comedy that moved itself along and then kept returning to Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Rock also said that stand-up is hard and that regardless of whether people liked Sheen's show in Detroit or not, he likes Charlie Sheen and said that if Sheen weren't a true talent, Sheen could not have lasted as long as he has in the entertainment industry. Stephanopoulos insisted that Sheen wasn't doing so well right now, but Rock pointed out that Sheen had a good night and a standing ovation in Chicago.

Stephanopoulos was amused and amazed that Rock and Jesse Ventura were actually chatting off set. Jesse Ventura was also a GMA guest today. Where else but Good Morning America could Chris Rock and Jesse Ventura be together talking it up, the talk show host mused aloud. The question was rather telling of 50-year-old Stephanopoulos' culture of disbelief that two such celebrities would be drawn together, rather than apart.

Rock, no stranger to negative innuendo didn't miss a beat when Stephanopoulos asked Rock what he and Ventura were talking about. Rock jokingly replied the two were discussing getting high later on. A hip response to a outdated question and belief that a black comedian and a white former wrestler and television personality would isolate themselves from each other. Cameras flashed to Ventura who gave a thumbs up sign.

Rock, who is sporting a new look with tall hair and a thick goatee, stars as Ralph D an AA sponsor. The ensemble drama also stars Bobby Cannavale, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Annabella Sciorra and Yul Vazquez. "The Mother... With the Hat" is billed on Chris Rock's website as the most explosive play on Broadway (Gerald Shoenfeld Theatre 236 W. 45th). April 11 is opening night. The play ends June 26. Stephen Adly Guirgis wrote the play and Rock was cast in the play because Samuel Jackson was working.

Rock said this play, unlike most Broadway plays, is for everyone, from the bus driver to his aunt.

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