Christie Brinkley dances Chicago in stocking feet on GMA

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Yesterday morning, Christie Brinkley, tall, shapely, 57 and very blonde, danced in her stocking feet and strutted her Roxie moxie on Good Morning America.

Nowhere does Brinkley look 57. When asked about ever youthful secret, Brinkley didn't mention botox or plastic surgery the way more modest celebrities and Real Housewives of any city do. She said that dancing was a beneficial workout to her. Brinkley said that former hubby Billy Joel also worked with her on singing to teach her to better and longer project her voice. Brinkley says Roxie is an amped character, always yelling and imagining. Brinkley said Roxie is a fun part to play. But, the show's date has been delayed to tomorrow after a Brinkley injury and the former supermodel did the the GMA show with a hoarse throat.

Brinkley is strikingly tall, particularly alongside the GMA host. She wore a short red minidress and one would be hard pressed to deny that Brinkley is not a raving advertising campaign for Total Gym. Her body is 19-year-old amazing. She credits her body to dancing. There is, however, a maturity in Brinkley's voice that noticeably belongs to an experienced and calmer older woman.

Brinkley said that she was asked to do Chicago. She said she didn't want to spend the rest of her life regretting if she should have, could have or would have and asked to see the script. She'd seen "Chicago" when it first came out and loved it. And although many large stars have been cast in the role of Roxie, Brinkley asked for an audition She practiced her Roxie songs and had a lot of moves. Brinkley said that Bob Fosse's trademark is "less is more."

Other actresses cast as Roxie on Broadway: Brooke Shields, Sandy Duncan, Marilu Henner, Bebe Neuwirth, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Williams, and Melanie Griffith.

Brinkley said she first thought there was "no way" that she'd be able to compete or hang with all of the dancers in a Broadway musical. But she also thought it would be great to come away with a dancer's body. Brinkley has not done a lot of television, she did host a popular Lifetime television show, "InStyle Celebrity Weddings." Her first acting role was in 1983 opposite Chevy Chase in "National Lampoon's Vacation." She starred in the sequel, "Vegas Vacation" also. She did her husband (at the time) Billy Joel's iconic "Uptown Girl" video and two others of his, including "Keeping the Faith."

Brinkley is taller than most of the men in the production that begins tomorrow and runs through June.

The former supermodel is also a humanitarian with a strong message against nuclear radiation and nuclear plants. She advocates the shutdown of Indian Point nuclear power plant just north of New York City. She says that people who love New York and Broadway should want the plant closed. Brinkley is not alone, the plant is highly criticized and in the event it does shut down, Con Edison will likely purchase the plant and consumers would see a six percent increase in their monthly utility bills.

Christie Brinkley is the latest addition to the "Chicago" cast on Broadway. "Chicago" has a 14-year legacy on Broadway and is the second longest-running production currently playing on Broadway and it is Broadway's longest-running musical revival.

Initially, Christie Brinkley may come across as much too sullen and relaxed for the Roxie Hart character. But, Roxie Hart is a housewife, the icon of femininity, and Brinkley has that hands down. Roxie Hart kills her boyfriend and then fabricates a story about an intruder which leads to a web of lies, deceit and manipulation of everyone from her husband to the press.

Eventually, Roxie is vindicated of murder. "Chicago" works for audiences because the woman cast as Roxie engages in a fight for freedom that parallels against her former trapped life as a bored and unhappy housewife.

Stay tuned for reviews of Brinkley's run as Roxie. The show opens tomorrow and should be critiqued by the weekend.

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