Deion Sanders' daughter holds two hour Twitter rant against stepmom Pilar

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Deion Sanders' soon to be ex-wife Pilar says she was blindsided by the divorce. But Deiondra Sanders, Deion's daughter, started a twitter war on Pilar titled: How you didn't know?

In Deiondra Sanders' two hour Twitter rant, it started somewhere around 2:51 p.m. CST, Deiondra Sanders' accused Pilar Sanders of lying to media about the divorce. Deiondra tweeted a photo of boxes packed with a tweet that read: #HowYouDidntKnow but yo boxes have been packed for weeks now #RealTalk.

In response to Deiondra's twitter rampage, another user tweeted, "Tell Deion Sanders to come get his child." Sanders wrote said Pilar was acting like a victim when the divorce was her fault. Deiondra Sanders accused Pilar of not loving her father and marrying him for his career and the money. She cited plane flights and a wanna be music career as Pilar's priorities.

Pilar and Deion were featured briefly on a reality show that focused on Pilar's ambitions and Deion's day to day activities as a retired football star. The pair have three children together. Prior to Sanders' marriage to Pilar he married Carolyn Chambers and had two children, Deion Sanders Jr. and Deiondra Sanders. In all, Deion Sanders has five children. In a tweet today, Deiondra Sanders says Pilar had to have known about the divorce since all five children were sat down and explained to. Deiondra also tweeted that Pilar has forbidden her 8-year-old to talk to Deiondra.

Reports of Pilar and Deion's divorce surfaced in September of this year. The reports resurfaced again this month, around the time of their daughter's 8th birthday.

In fairness to Pilar, media reports about the Sanders and Pilar break-up report Pilar's surprise at the actual divorce versus the separation. While the pair were having problems, Pilar stated she believed that Deion will return to his family like he usually does. While that possibility remains, Sanders actually filed for divorce this time.

Sanders' divorce is the third of a string of celebrity divorces. Earlier this week, Mel Gibson's first wife was awarded half of Gibson's millions. Kobe Bryant's wife filed for divorce this month and she too is reportedly entitled to half of Kobe's money.

Deiondra Sanders actually tweeted that Pilar is on her second attorney in an effort to fight a prenuptial agreement. Media reports say the prenuptial agreement promises Pilar a house valued at the half price of the Sanders' mega mansion at the time of their divorce. Hence, Pilar is said to have been shopping for $9 million dollar homes--reiterated by Sanders' daughter on Twitter today.

In all likelihood, Deion Sanders is likely to feel really sad for the mother of his youngest three children when he gets the word that his oldest daughter has mercilessly blasted Pilar on Twitter. Not only did his daughter blast Pilar, she's revealed highly personal and embarrassing family information. Information that she can delete, but is sure to be captured permanently by media, lawyers and the more than 18,000 followers on Deiondra Sanders' Twitter account.

Before Deiondra began her rant, she apologized to her father. But she then went on to say that her negative campaigning was a defense of her father after Pilar's attempt to "slander her daddy."

Pilar didn't say she was surprised to learn about the divorce. She said she was surprised and appalled to learn about the divorce in the media.

Similar to the way Kim Kardashian was constantly surprised to learn information about her ex-husband Kris Humphries' whereabouts from the media and internet.


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This tention been going on for years because pilar was Deion mistress before they got maried. Pilars sister confirmed it on twitter @deethickchick4u she stated you just mad becasue pilar took yo daddy from yo mami cry baby. Now what is that for a grown woman to say to a child. a carbon copy of pilar. She knows because his wife hangs out in clubs with 20 year olds. She is clubbing every day of the week. Deion daughter is defending her dad. Anyway we know pilar lied because she released the statement months ago about she told kids to just breathe. so either she knew or didn’t. This golddigging whore need to get to stepping her time has ran out.

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