Designer Anthony Ryan leads Project Runway All Stars

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Joshua McKinley isn't faring so well on Project Runway All Stars.

Isaac Mizrahi defended Joshua's design again this week, but with designer Ivy Helga eliminated from the competition, Joshua has to come full force next week or go home.

Ivy was eliminated because she didn't listen. Elie Tahari, guest judge, told Ivy to shorten her dress. Ivy, the old Ivy from Season 8 whose arrogance failed her repeatedly, returned to All Stars this season. She disguised her old self in a new persona graciously.

But instead of shortening the length of her dress, she kept it long. The long dress didn't work because the top was gold and airy, while the bottom of the dress was black and weighty.

What's really sad about Ivy's refusal to listen, thus cooperate, is that Ivy's dress (had it been cut) would have been Anthony Ryan's only competition on the runway. Uli impressed judges with yet another white dress. Josh made another dress for a 25-year-old party girl. Emilio designed for a 47-year-old with a svelte figure. But Anthony Ryan and Ivy designed for a range of women between 21 through 52.

But Ivy really needed to cut her dress. You can see it here.

And then compare Ivy's dress to Anthony Ryan's here.

Ivy's dress is actually a lot less serious than Anthony Ryan's, but there is no question that Ivy wasn't able to compete well with the designers who remain. Anthony Ryan, Uli and Emilio are almost sure bets to land in the final three and display at Fashion Week.

Fortunately, Mizrahi isn't cutting Emilio anymore slack. Mizrahi told Emilio that he (Mizrahi) is expecting more and Mizrahi delivered that urgent message with Tim Gunn swiftness. Emilio said he understood and presumably will go and perform.

Since Uli and Anthony Ryan are definite finalists, Emilio will have to outdesign Joshua next week. Emilio, who can also be a tad arrogant, may slip and underestimate Joshua. Joshua, in turn, has tremendous respect for Emilio's work. If Emilio were female, Joshua would tear Emilio's older looking women clothes to shreds.

That's what Josh is most remembered for: bullying an older female designer's ethos and aesthetic. Josh's been content to take a backseat to Emilio and Anthony Ryan throughout the competition.

Anthony Ryan has won the most challenges. Uli comes in second, and Emilio has confidence because of his win as well. But Joshua is having a new experience with the All Stars. His work isn't adored or praised by judges because his competition is stiffer.

In fact, Joshua got into it on the runway with Carolyn Murphy who said the zipper cheapened his design. Look at Joshua's dress.

Zipper or not, the dress looks loopy and Joshua should have been eliminated for that. The puffy front makes the design hard to look at, and its only saving grace was the color. Joshua argued that the zipper could be changed easily.

Next week, it's do or die. It's mostly do or die for Emilio and Joshua. Either way, Anthony Ryan and Uli are sure to bring an interesting collection to Fashion Week. The judges will decide whose story they prefer to see, Emilio's or Joshua's.

But as with all final challenges leading to Fashion Week, it is always interesting to see which designer was inspired by the competition and which designer falters while creating home, alone, and away from challenge instructions.

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Submitted by MonicaP (not verified) on
I think it may be a sure bet Joshua will not make it another week on “All-stars” especially after that disaster of a dress he made this week. I am glad Ivy was finally eliminated but it was one week too late. Next week’s episode looks more interesting since Katie Holmes will be a guest judge; I’m going to miss it when it premieres because I have to work late at DISH that night. I am going to set my DVR to record it; in the past I would forget to set the weekly timer this time around I’m recording the season on my DISH Hopper. This makes it easy for me so I don’t worry about timers and with 2,000 hours of entertainment space I can record this show and some of my other favorite shows that air the same night.

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