Did RHOAs Kenya Moore script Walter wedding story?

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After last Sunday's fiasco at the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Twitter went ablaze with Walter's "real" girlfriend.

Once again, values and morals won out on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The war between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart has pretty much wore itself out this week with Walter having the last word on Twitter.

This week, Walter or his girlfriend posted pics of themselves on Twitter. Walter looks happy and so does his girlfriend. Most of the pictures are of him kissing her on the forehead and cheek. The RHOA season isn't over yet, but judging from the way Kenya stormed off after Walter refused to propose, she will dump him really soon.

While the Atlanta Housewives were filming, NeNe Leakes expressed that Kenya and Walter's relationship was scripted and staged. Now Walter is reportedly saying that Kenya was Walter's make believe boyfriend, and moreover, he says Kenya plotted the storyline behind without Bravo's consent. (You can read more of that at lalate.com.)

And if Kenya's script a marriage story is true, that's great because it makes Kenya an almost good actress. The Walter marry me story felt forced. Watching RHOA, it's obvious Walter doesn't see Kenya as wifey material and doesn't wish to marry her either. But Kenya does a good job at feigning devastation and hurt.

Phaedra summarized Kenya as a woman who wants to be loved, but can't attract what she says she wants (a husband). Kenya seems unaware that there are numerous fans who appreciate single and successful Housewives because they are women who don't view marriage as a stepping stone or an absolute necessity. (See Kim Zolciak, season one and two).

Kenya, perhaps, would have been a lot less painful to watch had she embraced being over 40 and had she embraced being single. Like Phaedra told her, there are plenty of married women stuck and trapped with undeserving and "crazy" men (to quote Phaedra).

Both Phaedra and Apollo went to church on Kenya because she was alone in the brush wailing about not having a husband.

It was at that moment that a lot of fans realized that Kenya's disconnect wasn't necessarily with Cynthia, Porsha or even Phaedra earlier during the trip. Kenya's disconnect seems religious and spiritual. Regardless of race, creed and culture, a close relationship with God is considered the first and ultimate route to marriage.

Kenya's disinterest in religion and faith as a marital foundation further points to a made up story line. Perhaps one reason Kenya would make up such a storyline is because she was afraid of appearing boring. Without the Walter story, Kenya was in danger of filling in two old shoes, Sheree (the prude) or Kim Zolciak (the shameless, and conceited flirt).

Kenya's love life with Walter on RHOA is nothing short of amusing. On the one hand, watching Kenya flirt is empowering for many viewers. In general, it takes a lot of confidence to flirt. But when Kenya vulgarly crosses the line while flirting, she is quite vulnerable to the many unflattering names Porsha Stewart calls her.

Kenya is almost like Vicki Gunvalson during Gunvslon's first season on camera with Orange County cast. Vicki was supposedly happily married, but when she drank with the girls, she would often hit rather heavily on guys who cast glances her way.

Older flirting women is all fun to watch until the next day when cast members have to reconcile and resolve their real lives. That is when they come face to face with the price the pay for happiness. Or in Kenya and Vicki's case, the price they would pay to find happiness.

Vicki ultimately decided that she was not in a happy marriage and left. Kenya really needs to get back to Atlanta to realize that she is who she is, and she is not a woman who is really and sincerely interested in marriage. It's a bit insulting that Kenya doesn't think viewers can see through her ploy.

Hopefully Kenya and Bravo have a pretty good PR team to help spin Kenya as something more than a desperate housewife. If Kim's "Big Poppa" wasn't willing to show his face on reality television, it's not likely that Kenya Moore's real boyfriends or real dates are likely to appear on camera either.

Nothing much happened on the third episode of the Anguilla trip. Kenya gave Cynthia a copy of Vanessa William's book. It's hard to believe that Cynthia wasn't aware that Williams was an 1980s Miss America. It's more likely that Cynthia was being facetious about Kenya's age and Kenya wanted to retaliate when Cynthia asked Kenya if her win predated Vanessa Williams' (ouch).

The funniest and most ironic thing is that Porsha ended up reading the book. Kenya told Porsha to read a book during that loud argument in Anguilla.

In other real life news, Phaedra and Apollo's workout video, "Phine Booty" is available on Amazon. The divorce rumors are untrue, but they are also in time with RHOA previews that suggest Phaedra and Apollo are having arguments. Of course, all of this works to Kenya's advantage because she did get on Phaedra's nerves.

Kenya may be on the path to forging her Real Housewives of Atlanta identity and invariably, homewrecker could be one of her identities. Zolciak suffered through such a moniker during RHOAs premiere season. But shameless flirt suits Kenya, and she'd do well to shamelessly flirt until someone comes along.

Or until she has a reality check.

Take Home Message:

Marriage isn't easy and people have to be realistic about marriage and potential partners. Every man that a woman meets has the potential to be her husband, but she has to be wise enough to see when his intentions have strayed elsewhere and are no longer in focus with hers.

Furthermore, she has to be wise enough to let him go.

This Sunday on RHOA: The couples return to Atlanta

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Submitted by Cynthia (not verified) on
Seems as though Kenya was a train wreck waiting to happens. She reminds me of Evelyn on BBW but with out the violence. The show this season was very nice and playful. Its sad to see Kim go but she seems as though she wanted her own show with her chikdren and Kroy and not be apart of the RHOA. It is what it is. Now she can hang out with the NFL wives. Oh that could be her reality lol

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Kenya is the face of many successful black women who chose success first. Now, her biological clock is ticking and she is feeling the pressure. I hope she finds that man that will love her and give her what she feels she needs. On the otherhand, Porscha need let the age thing go already.

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