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Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green

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A Billion Acts of Green is a people powered campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before June 2012

June 4 – 6 mark twenty years of UN involvement with green energy and technology. The UN is organizing a conference for the 20th anniversary in Rio de Janeiro.

Communities across the country, zoos, museums, universities and businesses are partaking in Earth Day events right now. April 22 is the official Earth Day Celebration.

Individually, people can make healthy pledges to the environment to participate in sustainable development of a green economy. For urban dwellers, green energy may mean commuting via rail rather than car or bus. For rural and suburban land dwellers, Earth Day pledges may be to clean up sidewalks or dedicate a day to walking and litter pick up.

Simpler green and conservation ideas may involve using less water at the faucet when shaving, brushing teeth, or washing cars. Growing fruits and vegetables indoors or outdoors are sustainable development and green conservation pledges and practices. Growing vegetables organically, which means growing plants without the use of pesticides, is also a green conservation and sustainable development practice.

Earth Day and Rio +20 are focused intensely on sustainable development. Sustainable development means working to meet the needs of humans right now, without damaging the future of the next generations to take care of itself. Conserving natural resources and utilizing green or natural energy is one of the reasons information and advocacy for Earth Day is crucial in order to meet the goals of energy conservationists who believe the earth can be utilized alternatively to help feed, clothe, cool and heat humans.

Growing plants indoors is a healthy green practice. Certain houseplants reduce toxins in the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide.

There are several acts of green people can do:

Ask Clergy to deliver an Earth Day sermon
Teach solar cooking
Eat more local food
Help children make rainbows of fruits and vegetables everyday at lunch at their school
Eat a sustainable pure vegan, plantarian diet , or pure vegetarian diet.
Call or write legislators about going green (ways to recycle, clothes, shoes)
Change light bulbs
Circulate anti-coal petition
Eliminate pesticides and toxic products
Get a home energy audit and stick to new energy routine
Organize an Earth Day event
Plant a garden at home or at school.

In Rio de Janeiro next year, conference members will focus on a green economy in the context of sustainable development and the eradication of poverty. The conference is also wholly concerned with the institutional framework for sustainable development.

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