Easy pumpkin carving ideas and templates for kids

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So your children want cool jack-o-lanterns that they can carve themselves. Don’t worry, there are templates available for young people and pumpkin carving beginners all over the web. And everyone knows that the best ideas in pumpkin carving templates and stencils are free.

Even better than free is easy. Here is a list of 5 go to pumpkin carving ideas from sites with free stencil downloads.

1. One of the easiest jack-o-lantern designs to carve into a pumpkin is an e-smile. An e-smile is : ) carved into a pumpkin. The Washington Post has the free download here. The section is titled, "Pumpkin Carving 101" and features a sleek cat downloadable stencil template as well.

2. Family Fun go website has some of the better carving templates to do with young people. The pumpkin carving templates are cute, easy and fun. Check their website out, just click here or go to this site http://familyfun.go.com/halloween/halloween-printables/printable-halloween-patterns

Kids choose not so scary pumpkin carving ideas

3. If you are looking for the absolute easiest, but absolute most creative stencils and templates, go to PaperPumpkins.com. Paperpumpkins.com is exciting to visit, let alone borrow templates.Check them out and see what fun and almost scary Halloween pumpkin carving ideas are waiting over there. Paper Pumpkins has hundreds of stencils to choose from. Everything from aliens, to emotional pumpkins to love happy pumpkins, to ghouls, birds, and dragons.

4. Better Homes and Gardens has customized pumpkin stencils for you. Take a BHG quiz to determine which stencil ideas are best suited for you and then enjoy free pumpkin carving downloads and carving design ideas.

5. As your pumpkin carvers raise ambitions, check out the templates for Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, and Hello Kitty at Cartoon Jr. Totally kid friendly and cute, but so not very easy. An adult may be needed to make help see the stencils and carvings through. Cartoon Jr.com, check them out.

6. You can enter pumpkin carving contests online. Check it out here.

7. And before you begin carving, make sure you check out the video here which explains carefully how to begin carving and getting rid of pumpkin pulp before you start carving.

Happy Halloween!


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