Floral and lace couture ends a finalist's hopes on Runway All Stars

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During his first season on Project Runway, Joshua McKinley spent a good minute berating a fellow designer because she was older and therefore, according to Josh, her designs were too old.

But this season on Project Runway All-Stars, Josh proved to be the one contestant who needed a bit more maturity to make it to the final runway show.

Joshua’s haute couture design tonight was so green compared to the;other designers. Joshua’s couture look was easily interpreted as his love for the experience in Paris. Flowers usually symbolize a strong like and adoration and florals are a friendly design. But Josh's floral pattern coupled with an intriguing lace bodice was a little weird.

So weird, Joshua’s number one fan, Isaac Mizrahi wouldn’t defend it. Joshua’s explanation for his gown was perfectly gracious and even adorable. But it’s hard to imagine who’d wear his couture dress. It was also hard to imagine where anyone would where that particular dress.

At the end of the runway show, judges couldn't decide whether to eliminate Josh or Uli (even though Uli has been the doll of the contestant for the past several episodes). So Josh and Uli were asked to redesigned their couture dresses.

Uli gave a middle finger to the challenge, one of the judges said. Uli’s original design was criticized for its nude lining. The second design used lining to make most of the dress. Josh cut his outfit and reshaped the front. But the same idea for his original couture gown remained prevalent and evident. The same wasn't true for Uli.

Isaac Mizrahi tonight wasn’t on Josh’s side so much tonight. Mizrahi was more impressed with Emilio’s fabric. So much so, he wanted to touch the fabric and got up out of his chair to feel the red fabric. Emilio chose super interesting, super fabulous fabric because he was “in Paris” and didn't come to Paris to get the same stuff he could get at home. Lots of fans complain about Emilio’s personality. He seems a bit stuffy sometimes, cold, a little arrogant, and really standoffish.

Charming Anthony Ryan, who doesn't have personality conflicts or clashes with judges or viewing audiences, got the win. The only real complaint about Anthony Ryan’s win is that Anthony Ryan didn’t eally begin his dress until the others had constructed their garments into visible and concrete pieces. Anthony Ryan fooled around with ideas for half the challenge time. In the end, he made a black couture dress that was barely visible on television.

This challenge carried designers to Paris as a reward for a job well done. The trip takes a page right out of America’s Next Top Model where the finalists are flown to another country to finish the season and crown a winner.

In the House of Valentino, the designers were invited to a runway show. They were supposed to use the inspiration they found in Paris and create a couture look in New York. For the most part, Emilio’s red and the shape of his couture gown were an ode to Valentino’s House.

Anthony Ryan’s black couture was an ode to the Valentino runway show.

photocredit: Lifetime/Project Runway All Stars

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