Good Wife returns with good news for Lockhart and Gardner

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Good Wife's Alicia's law firm, Lockhart and Gardner, are still in the race to prove they can score $60 million and repay their debts.

But their envious trustee, Clarke Hayden isn't so sure. This season on "The Good Wife" Hayden has been finding ways to dissolve Lockhart and Gardner. Moreover, Hayden wants Diane and Will out as the firm's management.

Hayden called in Cary Agos to complete his agenda, but Cary doesn't seem interested in anything except work, work and more work. Cary has already been on the other side in a government job at the state attorney's office. And that wasn't much fun so Cary's main goal is work at Lockhart Gardner where the pay is better and the cases are far more interesting. Hayden wanted Cary to keep him (Hayden) abreast of any issues he notices with Diane and Will's leadership.

Cary hasn't really done that, except to help win cases. It's in Cary's best interest to keep Lockhart and Gardner afloat because working the government hasn't been a lot of fun for him. By the end of the last night's episode, Haydens' efforts were once again delayed. Lockhart and Gardner don't lose their two head managers and they have more time to earn $60 million.

In last night's episode with Michael J. Fox returning as Esquire Canning, Alicia bagged $15 million for the firm. The lawyers walked away with $3 million, but it wasn't an easy win. Alicia spent three days in a cabin retreat in Minnesota where the cell reception is bad and television is a no no. Canning (Michael J. Fox) and his client, bank president Ingersoll stalled Alicia because Ingersoll had been deposed in a $15 million suit filed by Lockhart and Gardner against his bank that foreclosed several houses with pools in the backyard.

The pools in the backyard carried the West Nile mosquitoes and the virus that debilitated and paralyzed a teen neighbor. Naturally, the teen neighbor was an aspiring ballerina, but the bug bite ended her career. In a wheelchair, the teen testified that she'd jumped the fence once to play on the foreclosed properties. The bank said the teen trespassed, but Lockhart and Gardner argued that the abandoned backyards were "attractive nuisances".

The case went back and forth. The bank's defense team had evidence from the CDC that the abandoned pools weren't the only source of the West Nile virus, but Kalinda got evidence that a grotto owned by another neighbor didn't host the West Nile mosquitoes. After several days of arguing, the Lockhart Gardner team finally won.

They won because Ingersoll, the bank president, had been hiding his cancer condition from stockholders. Hiding an illness from shareholders is illegal and Alicia hounded Ingersoll and Canning about it during the deposition. So the bank conceded and at the end of the show, Alicia scored a few nuggets for the team.

But Alicia's score wouldn't have happened without Kalinda. Kalinda visited Alicia in Minnesota with new clothes and there wasn't much for the two to do except sit in silence in Alicia's retreat room. Kalinda asked a few questions about the calls Canning had made that week. Kalinda's investigation discovered Ingersoll's treatment at an experimental cancer clinic. The moment underscored the necessary relationship Alicia and Kalinda have. Alicia simply cannot be successful without Kalinda.

Eli, on the other hand, is losing everything fast. Wendy Scott Carr is back and she swears she has no grudges. Wendy Scott Carr ran for State Attorney against Peter Florrick last season and lost. She lost because she was painted as a sell out and her interracial marriage was exposed and publicized to make Carr appear unreachable and unaligned with the voting public.

Carr is investigating Eli's campaign work and ethics and because Eli has worked from Lockhart and Gardner's offices, the entire firm is subject to warrant and seizure. On last night's episode, Scott-Carr seized files in Eli's office.

This week's return episode of The Good Wife was deceptively slow. Next week's show will return, one hopes, with head spinning drama on the Florrick campaign, and Alicia and Peter in a romantic frenzy. That'll be the best and most likely way to warm up a cold return as "The Good Wife" nears the season finale.

Take Home Message:

The Good Wife is a show about family, work, ethics and values. As "The Good Wife" becomes a seasoned lawyer, her tactics have become a lot more brazen and the once very gullible Alicia Florrick is a pretty savvy woman and employee.

It was sad and humorous the way Michael J. Fox's Canning character ran circles around Alicia Florrick in and out of court. in previous seasons. But Alicia got Canning this time, and it is has been a slow ride to get her to that point. The more sense Alicia makes of her business life, the better equipped she is to handle her personal life.

While Alicia is riding high, her go to guy, Eli, is falling fast. What comes around goes around, and whatever is coming for Eli is bound to doom Alicia and Peter too. Especially if the motives for investigating Eli are as superficial as not wanting Peter Florrick as governor. Alicia's true colors are expected to bleed this season. The Florrick's may have to turn their back on their long time ally and friend Eli.

The spark between Alicia and Will seems completely dead and Team Will fans are taking a back seat to Team Florrick. It's hard to know exactly what Alicia feels for Peter, but it is equally difficult to know if fans are going to hang around and find out.

The good news, however, is that Good Wife writers tend to take the drama up several notches after a light and airy episode like last night's.

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