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Rumor has it that Google+ will be available to the gp (general public, general population) July 31st. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the exclusivity and ease my Google+ page offers.

The only thing missing from Google+ for a user like me is a direct link to the Analytics page. Online writers measure their work and performance via analytics, but so far, my Google+ page, offers the web, gmail, documents, calendar, and the Google reader, news, images, etc.. The “Reader” is like Google Chrome and organized email files combined into one. It’s a neat feature for people who visit a lot of websites.

Eventually, I’ll take time to add Analytics to the reader.

There are a number of anonyms for my job writing on the web. Social media content provider, writer, wanna- be journalist and gossip monger to name a few. Either way, I want people to read my work, but at the same time, I don’t want to interrupt their day or bombard them with information that's not relevant to them. On Google+, every story that I “add” to Google buzz, (I post stories with “Add This”) posts to my Google “Buzz” section, not the stream. In other sites, the stream is considered the news feed.

My Google Buzz section isn’t the same as its stream. The stream is similar to the status update. Not everyone is cool with floods of news stories streaming into their homepage. Sometimes all you want to do is check up on your homeys. So the buzz is great, it’s an alternative that ensures inclusion in Google without intruding on those social networkers who use the site to chat and communicate more personal messages throughout day.

Since the Google+ official launch date is July 31st, it’ll be a while before those personal friends in my gmail account can meet me on the site. Google+ is extremely relaxed. Soulja boy’s page (he’s the first celebrity I’ve stumbled across) demonstrates a strong degree of seriousness about himself and his career. Most of the accounts that I’ve browsed demonstrate the same hardworking attitude.

On the profile page, in the about me section, there’s a space for each poster to reveal his or her “bragging rights.” That’s a great feature. It’s best to get our personal challenges and victories out in the open right away. That beats strange and unusual status updates and “vague booking” (the art of posting vague, attention seeking status updates) dominating the airwaves.

I was invited to Google+ by a Facebook friend. He had invites to Google+ and asked friends (or family, or acquaintances or followers) to send an email addy if they wanted in. I sent my email right away. Checked back two hours later and sometime Wednesday night around 11 p.m., I’d entered a new social networking kingdom. For about an hour I played a travel game, “Where in the World.” The object of the game is to guess the location of the photo.

There’s a feeling of exclusivity that I am enjoying right now with Google+. My active Google+ contact circles are just 4 great people. Two I've met on the internet and have corresponded with for years now. One new friend through a mutual friend, and one interesting web owner whose name I ran across in a random search for someone whose name is somewhat similar.

I don’t have invites. But if you’re in Google+ already, look me up and let’s circle around.


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It will be interesting to see if this can compete with the Facebook juggernaut. Not to mention Twitter, which a lot of folks are saying is the real competition for G+. I do hope it opens to the public soon, since it's hard for me to make a real judgment until I know more people on it.

:-) Thanks !! Yes, some say that G+ is Twitter and StumbleUpon combined with a more personal social network feel. I like how we can follow random but interesting people that we don't know. It's a different kind of network.

Submitted by J.R LeMar (not verified) on
It definitely feels as if G+ is competing more with Twitter than it is with Facebook.

After giving Google Buzz a go, I dropped it for just what you mentioned: Some of the people in my circle of friends, or whatever it was called, were posting constantly, it seemed--I did not enjoy being "flooded" with everything coming across the wire! Google+ sounds like it may have some more controllable options ... I may just give it a whirl, come July 31 ... thanks for the heads up!

I hadn't taken the time to understand how Buzz worked other than posting articles. Google+ has fast and easy directions. Yay!

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