Hamburgers: the case against one of America's favorite foods

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Hamburgers are horrible for humans-partly because alongside hamburgers, there’s generally soda and French fries. All bad for cholesterol levels and the human heart.

The combination of high fat, sodium and carbs inside of hamburger patties do nothing for the blood sugar level or the heart. In fact, the combination plays tricks with the mind and makes the stomach hungrier, so hamburgers spike blood sugar levels only to drop again.

The smell of grease and hamburger patties in a mom’s kitchen is enough to send any family to restaurants where the establishment can handle the odorous combination of fried beef, fat and grease.

Hamburgers are America’s favorite fast food, whether at home, in fancy restaurants, or fast food joints. It’s an easy fix and an easy eat, no forks no knives, just the patty and the bun. Nevertheless, the patties are a 500 calorie disaster stacked with high levels of sodium and way too much fat in one serving.

In a nutshell, dieting and hamburgers are a bad combination. Once a person’s told by a doctor to cut down on the fatty foods to control cholesterol or diabetic dilemmas, hamburgers and cheeseburgers should be the first food to go.

Alas, there are alternative recipes to amend the American addiction to hamburger patties, particularly of the fast food types. Preparing hamburgers with organic meat is one alternative. “Cattle raised in filthy conditions, pumped full of growth hormones and fed diets composed of mostly genetically modified corn are three major reasons humane, grass-fed ground beef is a better alternative for your burger” ( Grass fed beef is one solution to cooking a better, healthier burger (

Grilling or a fat reducing grill machine like The George Foreman Grill: The flavor of grilled foods is incomparable, and moreover, the fat of grilled foods drops into the fire which is good news for the stomach. The George Foreman Grill and variations of the grill was built with the expressed intention of creating leaner foods, particularly hamburgers.

Substitute Beef with Turkey Chicken or Fish. If sacrificing beef is doable, then tuna burgers and salmon patties are an easy and quick fix. Turkey and chicken patties s are also easy and doable, with far fewer calories and sodium. Turkey meat can also be grilled to make them leaner and the taste can be enhanced with a beefy barbecue sauce and seasoning.

Add healthy ingredients to the burger in order to reduce its cholesterol and sodium content. Sunflower seed, onions, red, green peppers, and wheat germ tossed in with ground beef reduce fat, and sodium content a great deal. (fat 10.8g; 354.6 calories, 352mg sodium).

Compare those stats to raw hamburgers. One patty is loaded with 22g of fat, and nearly 1200mg of sodium (

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