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Healthy eating recipes from Michelle Obama's vegetable garden

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A photo tour of Michelle Obama--the fittest First Lady ever--and the White House vegetable garden she planted in March go on sale next Tuesday.

You can get preview glimpses of the White House vegetable garden here. John and Abigail Adams planted the first White House vegetable garden in the 1800.

Back in March, Mrs. Obama invited school children and Better Homes and Gardens to help plant her garden veggie plots. Her Better Homes and Gardens interview details healthy eating habits and the article shares 14 healthy eating recipes.

Michelle Obama managed to take a touchy subject—weight loss, weight gain and the importance of healthy foods—and fast forward it into a sustainable living campaign better known as Let’s Move.

Other U.S. First Lady had passive goals during their White House tenure. Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ campaign was dialogue. Laura Bush’s campaign focused on literacy—an objective aligned with her days as a school teacher. Hillary Clinton wanted to improve health insurance.

Michelle Obama’s healthy living campaign encompasses each of the prior First Ladies’ objectives. Healthy eating and exercise prevents health problems down the line and quashes incentive to fill the body with unhealthy drugs. Healthy children are also better posed to learn in the classroom.

Surprisingly, Michelle Obama hasn’t encountered resentment for her healthy eating campaign. National surveys show that 67% of Americans are overweight or obese. But only 52% of Americans believe they are overweight or obese. The media has been especially welcoming of Michelle Obama’s healthy eating campaign. Americans have watched the First Lady in awe as she’s jumped rope, danced, and boasted tone and fit arms and legs underneath her trademark modest American housewife attire.

"The First Lady is honored to be the first person in decades to appear on the cover of such a beloved magazine," said Kristina Schake, the First Lady's Communications Director. "She is thrilled to share the story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Let's Move! with the millions of Americans who read Better Homes and Gardens. Through the garden tips and healthy recipes, it's a story that demonstrates that the tools for a healthier future are fun, easy and delicious."

The in-depth cover story with Michelle Obama concentrates on her commitment to the garden-to table food movement and healthy eating for kids. Better Homes and Gardens said that Michelle Obama’s lifestyle inspires mothers and fits in perfectly with the magazine’s 40-year-theme of healthy living and nutritious recipes.

Better Homes and Gardens created a “Veggie Love” cookbook app with summer veggie recipes for kids. There’s also a layout of Obama’s White House garden. All of it can be downloaded by going here.

Obama's August feature story is the first time in decades a public figure has appeared on BHG's cover.

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