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Heidi Klum's Jordache/Walmart ad to air in mid August

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Heidi Klum is synonymous with high fashion.

Even so, she’s on her third go round as the face and body of Jordache designer jeans. The Jordache label is available at Walmart stores everywhere.

At the end of every runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion week, esteemed Project Runway contestants are typically offered a chance to sell their line. Many designers shy away from lending their designs to a blue collar customer retailer like Walmart.

But Heidi Klum breaks the trend each and every time. Her marriage to Seal broke a trend, the time she spoke out to the Huffington Post about managing her biracial children’s hair, and her sense of style on red carpets away from the Project Runway TV show deem Klum more of a trend breaker than trend setter.

Through the years, Heidi Klum’s managed to hold on to her fashionista princess and queendom, without the air of untouchable snobbery that her comrades, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia often exude.

And it’s that girlfriend next door, if you live in the Village, kind of persona that makes Heidi Klum so appealing to shoppers and serious artists in the fashion game.

Yesterday, Heidi Klum did her latest Jordache commercial with the help of So You Think You Can Dance instructor, Mia Michaels. The Jordache ad with Klum premiers mid-August.
Jordache was the designer jeans of the disco era and the new ad features a soundtrack from the disco genre. Klum is the representative “confident, multi-faceted woman, in control, confident and having a great time.”

"We are thrilled to be working with Heidi Klum once again," says Liz Berlinger President of Jordache. "Heidi is beautiful, and incredibly talented, with a vivacious personality - she is a great fit for Jordache. She represents the heart of Jordache - iconic fashion, family values, approachable style and grace. We had such a positive experience working together on the last campaign and look forward to Heidi as the face of Jordache for our jeans line. We are excited to be able to provide our customers with the latest styles and colors of jeans, at great prices."

Jordache has established itself as a leader in the designer-label jeans category since the 1970s. Through the years, Jordache has kept their highly-anticipated ad campaigns provocative and innovative with a chic elegance and their jeans are a celebrity and fashionista favorite. Jordache is available at all Walmart stores.

The campaign was conceived and executed by ink+co and its creative director Sam Sohaili. Klum's look was perfected by make-up artist Linda Hay and hairstylist Michele Aleman.
Project Runway airs tonight at 9 EST. Tonight, a contestant who fought hard to beat elimination leaves the show.

Through the years, a number of contestants departed the competition voluntarily. They look like quitters to the audience and other contestants. But Project Runway rivalries are typically the resulting combination of age, experience, race, sex, and sexuality. Throughout Project Runway’s history, the younger contestants have been bullies and brutish against their older teammates.

Last year, Burt Keeter, proved to be the first older contestant unafraid to put the younger contestants back in their place behind a sewing machine with their mouths shut. But, in all fairness, Burt is male and his younger male bullies eventually folded. You can check out Keeter's fall 2012-2013 line here.

Laura Bennett refused to be bullied by younger contestants too. In fact, one Runway contestant called Bennett the biggest bully blogger ever.

photo courtesy: Heidi Klum


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I just saw this commercial for the first time. For some reason I HAD to say something to someone. Heidi looks remarkably HEALTHY in this commercial. She doesn't look emaciated lke so may models .. thanks!

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