Jane Fonda's senior workout amazes at 72

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Jane Fonda is 72 and she looks great. She had a frank discussion with media about her looks and her workout DVD which releases in November.

Jane Fonda senior workout to help seniors to stay in shape

Her new workout videos target seniors who are all about staying in shape and concealing their age. Fonda promises her senior workout routines will help lose weight and build strength through low impact exercise.

Jane Fonda is open about having had plastic surgery, the actress said she "got tired of not looking like how I feel," on Entertainment Tonight.

Fonda is also writing a book about aging and wanted to be honest about having cosmetic surgery which is something she decided was for her. The star said she didn't want to look tired.

Besides, she needs a youthful face to complement her body. Fonda doubled her stardom back in the 80s when she did her own set of "Lean Routine" videos.

Fonda said her body is the result of a healthy and active lifestyle. "I'm careful about how I eat. I stay active. I walk a lot. I have good genes- and money."

Excited to be back in the physical fitness business, Fonda says she's done the research and knows that it is critical for seniors to be physically active.

"Even if they've never exercised in their lives, now's the time and my programs are a good, safe way to do it."

As for acting, Fonda's next movie is Peace, Love and Misunderstanding which also stars Catherine Keener, Chace Crawford, and the Olsen twins' younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen. The movie premieres next year. It is a story about a conservative lawyer who takes her daughters to meet their estranged, hippie grandmother in Woodstock.

A real departure from the Monster-in-Law character Fonda played opposite Jennifer Lopez in the movie of the same name.

Jane Fonda's DVDs, due in November, are low impact workout routines. One is a "walk out" routine and the other, "fit and strong," builds strength and burns calories.

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