Julianna Margulies: a real life Good Wife?

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Julianna Margulies talked about her life as a real Good Wife with David Letterman last night.

In real life, "The Good Wife" character, Mrs. Alicia Florrick, is a good wife to husband Keith Lieberthal. Margulies, 46, surprised Lieberthal with a trip to Berlin for his 40th birthday. She told him to bring hiking boots and a tux. Margulies' surprise was a concert in Berlin starring one of her husband's favorite composers, Max Raabe.

The concert was a blast except that when her husband typically sees Raabe in concert, it's in English. Listening to Raab's orchestra in Berlin meant listening in German, which authenticated the experience for a couple who are confessed Raabe connoisseurs.

Margulies and Letterman didn't talk much, or at all, about 'The Good Wife' or Margulies' character, Alicia Florrick. Right now, ABC has shaken up ratings at CBS by casting 'Revenge' opposite 'The Good Wife' on Sundays at 9 EST. Consequently, TV Ratings find CBS's "The Good Wife" pulling in just over 9 million viewers. On average, networks like 12 million or more viewers per episode.

But in the age of reality television (which garners the most viewers) CBS remains the network capable of pulling in more viewers for scripted drama and comedy than any other network or cable franchise in the country.

This season, Alicia Florrick's promotional ads are sultry and more provocative than any other season. Season 4 promotional ads have Margulies draped along a couch in a tight fitting, long, black evening gown. Last night on Letterman, Margulies dressed similar to that promo ad. She wore a low cut, long black evening gown with thigh high slit in the left leg.

"The Good Wife" is filmed in Brooklyn and Alicia's apartment is part of a set in Brooklyn that was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. The cast and crew recovered and went back to work filming Season 4 which finds a separated Alicia and Peter Florrick working together really well.


Alicia's gone through a series of backbiting with outsiders who want in on her relationship with Peter. Peter's run for governor has the age old motto, "keep friends close and enemies closer" in full effect. That's great for Peter and campaign manager Eli, but it's not Alicia's style. Maddie Hayes has turned on Alicia with inside information about Alicia and Peter's relationship. To boot, Alicia and Peter are countering rumors that he's been intimately involved with a campaign worker.

There's no reason to believe Peter has slipped into infidelity or something like it with the stereotypical blonde accuser who couldn't account for access to Peter's suite on the night of the alleged intimate liaison. But there is reason to believe that Peter will fall for Amanda Peet's character, an army lawyer who needed a job and called on Alicia for a favor.

Kind hearted Alicia asked Peter Florrick about Cary's old job and recommended Captain Hellinger, a pretty, but naive lawyer. Florrick didn't win Hellinger's assault case and felt a sense of duty and mentored Hellinger some. Alicia even told Hellinger that she'd be played by big law firms because she's "pretty."

While Hellinger interviewed with Peter's assistant ADA, and appeared to be on her way out of the door without a job and a prayer, (Hellinger's lost her army ties after the assault case), Peter Florrick walked in like a knight in shining armor.

And Hellinger got the job. Prior seasons have cast Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) as a scampy kind of a guy with no real connection to the women he cheated with, including Kalinda Sharma. All bets are on that a relationship with Hellinger may develop slow and naturally during the course of their working relationship. And that relationship will test whether or not Alicia really wants to resume her marriage to Peter.

And Good Wife Alicia lied to Hellinger. Alicia told Hellinger she had nothing to do with Peter's hiring decision. A good lie that may come to backfire before the season's end.

Peter's best chances at reigniting his flame with his lawyerly ex-wife rest on his ability to secure the governorship. Eli Gold has been at a loss for words at every interview because he doesn't have full confidence in Peter's sexual maturity.

Cary and Alicia had a heart to heart, finally. Audiences have witnessed a new, stronger, savvier and impatient Alicia over the past two seasons. Cary, a mastermind in his own right (if not the smartest attorney at Lockhart Gardner) told Alicia's she's changed. He also, in friendship, told her that her new self is neither good, nor bad, but necessary.

Take Home Message

The Good Wife speaks to married couples with teenage children. Alicia and Peter's relationship highlight stress factors married, successful, celebrity couples face in the information technology, social media, and irresponsible blogging age. Moreover, the show speaks to the relief and calm that power brings these couple whose lives are ravaged by savage competition and a maelstrom of opposing viewpoints.

Through it all, each of "The Good Wife" characters are judged on their decisions and whether or not those decisions are aligned with the moral and social values of a country that typically views Democrats as a people without religion, and therefore without supreme conscience and/or spirituality.

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