Liberal media applauds firing after gay-bashing campaign

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After a series of gay-bashing ads that many consider extraordinarily bizarre, Michigan’s assistant Attorney general Andrew Shirvell has been fired. The decision for him to vacate his post was announced yesterday in a meeting where it was decided that Shirvell could no longer move forward in his position at the Attorney General's office.

Media reported Shirvell’s campaign against a University of Michigan student who has been elected student body president. The student, Chris Armstrong, is openly gay. Shirvell used state resources to hedge his campaign against Armstrong and then lied during his disciplinary hearing.

Shirvell has openly opposed Armstrong’s election. Shirvell, a University of Michigan alum, attend public events with the sole intention of protesting what he declares is Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda.”

Shirvell's lawyer says liberal media stirred "tempest in a teapot."

However, Shirvell’s behavior against Armstrong could be described as radical. An investigation revealed that Shirvell went to Armstrong’s home on three occasions, once at 1:30 in the morning. Shirvell had defended his campaign against Armstrong as the right to free speech. But the visits to Armstrong’s home proved to be harassment, not freedom of speech.

The investigation of Shirvell found that he engaged in stalking behaviors and harassment. Shirvell called Armstrong’s employer, Nancy Pelosi’s office, in the attempt to get Armstrong fired. Shirvell harassed Armstrong’s friends, and attempted to out some of Armstrong’s friends--even though several of Armstrong’s friends are not gay.

Armstrong and his attorney, Deborah Gordan, are seeking to disbar Shirvell who participated in the stalking and harassment behaviors while on duty for the state. Shirvell also posted attacks against Armstrong online while at work for the state Attorney General's office.

Attorneys for Shirvell maintain that Shirvell’s firing is political and that his bosses “gave him positive reviews and knew of his activities outside of work.” Shirvell’s attorney has also stated that the “liberal media started this “tempest in a teapot.”

Gordon said that Shirvell’s whining about being bullied (by the media) is pathetic and lame. Liberal media websites have indeed labeled Shirvell a homophobe and applaud the fact that Shirvell has “finally been fired.”

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