Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Erica started it

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That didn’t take long did it?

When Stevie J. offered Mimi a house in the hills in episode one of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi knew what was up. She knew Stevie would be in the city all night acting up. And Stevie J. knew it also.

If Stevie J. gets props for one thing, it’s for not wanting is daughter’s mom in the middle of those inevitable inner city frays. So he hires a geisha to do his inner city scrapping with him. The big problem is that viewers totally wish Stevie would teach Joseline not to talk. At all.

As far as reality television goes, last night wasn’t Stevie J’s night. Mimi kicked Stevie J. to the curb after she gave him a verbal beatdown for his shenanigans with Joseline. Stevie J. visited the house to quell Mimi’s fears about Joseline’s pregnancy.

But Stevie’s news didn’t console Mimi, it only made her more upset. Suddenly, Stevie J. represents everything wrong the culture of hip hop, primarily its unrelenting misogyny.

When Erica told Scrappy that Stevie called her a very bad name, Erica forgot to mention that she called Stevie J. a few names before Stevie returned the favor. Scrappy accosted Stevie J. and Stevie J. apologized.

If Scrappy were ages older, he’d have accepted the apology, sat down and had a few drinks on Stevie J. But his mouth ran ahead of his heart and his mind, so Scrappy and Erica made a big mess. In the end, it’s not clear who got the best of the matchup. There’s a shot of Joseline getting up off the ground without her shoes. And there was a hilarious overhead shot of Stevie J. limping away with his hands between his legs.

Stevie’s entertaining, if nothing else. But it’s time for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to get a new groove and quick. Many of Love and Hip Hop viewers are educated, middle class African Americans who are growing a tad tired of the drama between Joseline and Stevie J.

In the real world, it seems that the two would have been done with each other a while ago. Joseline clearly doesn’t believe a word Stevie J. says and her facial expressions prove it. Stevie loves it. It’s part of the story line.

Throughout the history of men, women and capitalism, men have been out to prove that women will exchange love for money, power or fame. Thus the essence of love and hip hop isn’t necessarily the dramatic cheating. It’s the dramatic story of sacrifices women make in an industry that really hates women. (See Nicki Minaj).

It will be a nice of events if Love and Hip Hop Atlanta takes a detour from Scrappy, Erica, Joseline, Mimi and Stevie next week. A fresh focus on Rasheeda and K. Michelle will give last night’s episode the rain it needs to clear away the grit and dirt that define Stevie, Joseline, Erica, Scrappy and Scrappy’s mamma.

Next week.

photo credit: Scrappy of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Facebook, VH-1


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I tend to agree, while Stevie J embodies the oversexed stereotype of the hiphop community, and he's just hard to like or root for with his nyc swag and 'hey ma' and 'i dont think i smashed shorty' etc it was Erica who basically started this. Of course Stevie J shouldnt have called her out her name, but Erica shouldnt have jumped in the conversation between Stevie J and Mimi. And Scrappy should have taken the apology like a man and explained to Erica that next time grown folks are talking mind your own, and Scrappy should have moved passed it, instead he calls Stevie Js B a B, he REALLY thinks he's the Prince of the South. THEN on top of it all from what i saw (which wasnt very much given the camera angles, etc.) Scrappy didnt even win the fight....come on playboy, if you pop off at the mouth like that AT LEAST win the fight! Ok so ive watched Hollywood exes but my Black middle class butt still likes to see a train wreck every now and then, makes me realize my life aint so bad AND that i need to make sure I dont get myself into situations like this...fighting with a guy cause he called my babymoms a B, getting someone pregnant while im seriously involved with someone else....need to make sure im a good example for the younger generation.

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