Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: a house in the hills

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta wouldn’t be so dramatic if Mimi were a lot more accepting of Stevie ‘s polygamous ways.

Stevie J and Mimi’s relationship is the dramatic core of the Atlanta series. Love and Hip Hop follows hip hop producers, their lovers and the artists they reel in. But reality television viewers know a little about artists and producers. Viewers and consumers have a corporate attitude about workplace relationships, even in the music industry.

Consequently, music lovers and consumers aren’t big fans of artists who are in it with their producers. Collaborations are fine. When artists and producers meet and romance other artists and producers, that’s fine.

But when wanna be artists climb the chain by seducing their managers and producers, situations, albums and music become messy.

One example of a messy artist and producer relationship is Alicia Keys' relationship with Swiss Beatz a couple of years ago. Just about every track on her “Element of Freedom” cd revisit the heartbreak and the upheaval that falling in love with someone who is taken conjures. In Keys’ case, the album was a long conversation about adultery.

In Love and Hip and Hop, both the Atlanta and New York casts, there is an overriding and overwhelming idea among the ladies that marriage eliminates infidelity. Often, Love and Hip Hop cast members aspire for marriage with their mates, even when though their mates don’t bring much but heartbreak. Of course with that heartbreak is money, cars, houses, parenthood, clothes, and jewelry.

It’s tempting to call Mimi really stupid. It’s tempting to dog Joseline out as Rhianna wannabe.

But it’s totally on point to wonder if Stevie J has lost his mind. He likes that two women are fighting over him and that is interestingly insecure. But Stevie J. is probably the first male on reality television to blatantly air his affairs on camera. As though there’ll be no consequence. In Stevie J’s mind, he and Mimi aren’t married, so his sexual behavior isn’t anyone’s business.

For the record, when African American women sleep with their partners without a condom, they tend to interpret the relationship as a statement on monogamy. Stevie J. and Mimi have a two-year-old.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta would have started out on an equitable note had Mimi not cared if Stevie J were there in the new house or not. Had she said, "Yeah, sure I’ll take the house in the suburbs, but you can’t have keys to come and go as you please," that would have at the very least, suggested that she is not totally wrapped up in the idea of a monogamous relationship with Stevie J and that she has a little game of her own.

Stevie J. is involved with Joseline and Joseline’s tired of strip clubs. (And gosh, just think, there are thousands more like her.) What’s really sad about Joseline is that serious artists know that sleeping with their producer isn’t likely to produce much more than a baby. It’s hard to believe Joseline is a cast member. She speaks in schemes.

Other than Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline’s drama, Scrappy’s mom is a piece of work. To her credit, she admitted she hadn’t taken her meds in five days. That’s always good to know.

Next week, Stevie J. will have a man to man conversation with a guy friend. No matter where or how Stevie J's drama unfolds with his latest “artist”, one thing is certain. Joseline hasn’t jumped off with a hit or a recording contract. And if we remember Willow Smith and the buzz while she was whipping her hair back and forth, that record deal took all of ten or fifteen minutes.

photo courtesy: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta VH1, Facebook.

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