Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Shaking tables, tossing silverware

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Karlie is a bit of a space cadet. Benzino’s a nice guy. And Mimi is still queen.

There’s no feeling good about Karlie after she dropped the inconceivable and left Mimi in tears. This may be a learning experience for Karlie, but every single member of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is journeying toward an ideal and profitable working experience.

When Karlie realized she had divulged a huge secret of Stevie J’s, propriety and self-censorship should have restrained her and let the situation be.

Either way, when it comes down to it, the fork and knife and table shaking incident with K.Michelle surely left Karlie’s feelings hurt. Not to mention the swelling on her forehead. She could, if interested, try out for Survivor on CBS. Contestants who fall hard for foolishness end up with bruised foreheads. It’s a reality TV given.

And, poor Karlie, she also had to deal with Joseline’s unprofessionalism. Joseline’s emotions are completely out of check and she’s been punked out of motherhood by a smooth talking Stevie J. Mimi kicks what few clothes Stevie J has at the crib in the hills. She understands Stevie’s problem is akin to workplace harassment, but there are no rules in the hip hop industry. And the human resources officers don’t dole out workplace sexual harassment policy handbooks either.

Joseline cried when told she must collaborate with Karlie. She told Stevie J. that she worked too hard to make a single with another female. Stevie told her to man up. Again.

If there is one high note for Karlie, it’s that she’s newly linked with Benzino. He really seems to like her, but even if the meeting was staged, it was a real moment for Karlie. Meeting love for the first time and having it caught on film is a treasure. Benzino's admiring and affectionate words were good for Karlie's ego. She needed it after dealing with Joseline's ego.

Scrappy’s insecurities with Erica are particularly amusing. He’s got a passive aggressive way of handling his extracurricular affairs. Scrappy blames every reason for withdrawing from Erica on her behaviors. But the truth is Scrappy has another sexual partner. The irony is that Erica doesn’t suspect Scrappy’s distractions are rooted in females.

Right now, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is rather tribal. The West Indians and the Americans are going at it. K.Michelle referred to Karlie as a “tropical bird” and Joseline, despite her dialect, called Erica to task on her body language and demeanor. Erica got Joseline’s message, but refused to tone it down.

In another scene, Erica meets Scrappy and they are trying to have a conversation. But the conversation is filled with blame, something Erica does when she does her confessionals on Scrappy. Erica's hands were flying all over the place. The end result was the same, Erica loud and yelling. Whatever Erica's intentions, she's always the one talking pretty loud.

Erica wouldn't stand up for Scrappy’s foolishness.That's not her idea of abandonment. Scrappy got drunk the night before his asthma attack. She also had to work and in general doesn't have time for matters she considers trivial and routine. Scrappy's mom believes Erica should have taken Scrappy to the hospital and stayed there. Erica tried unsuccessfully to talk it over with Scrappy's mom. Erica ended up yelling.

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