Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline moves from antagonist to protagonist

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Mirrored relationships contribute to the drama in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

In last night's episode, Erica and Scrappy’s relationship, like Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi’s, revolved out of its old cycle into a newer one with a new woman.

Mimi and Erica learned of their significant other’s extracurricular relationships from friends. Although it’s not immediately apparent in the first episode, Karlie and MiMi have a longstanding relationship, a good friendship even. Without immediately knowing that Karlie and MiMi are friends, it makes little sense that K.Michelle held such anger for Karlie.

Especially when K.Michelle turns out to be the very same kind of friend to Erica that Karlie is to MiMi.K.Michelle decided to tell Erica about Scrappy's other woman.

MiMi has been holding on to issues with her mother for 7 years. Finally she threw her mother’s ashes away with the help of her brother. Her mother’s last wish was for MiMi to throw her ashes over a body of water. MiMi took seven years to do that. It's a wonder how her brother reconciled that withholding from his sister.

MiMi was there when her mother took her last breath. Every relationship begins as a result of another relationship, so it’s important that we are involved in healthy relationships. So says MiMi, Stevie and Joseline’s therapist.

Joseline’s fighting mad at Stevie. She’s afraid she’ll have to go down in the street with his next girlfriend, but Joseline’s ready for that street brawl. And that’s sad for Joseline, but at 24, it’s hard to blame Joseline for wanting to be out. Stevie clearly wants her to calm that side of her "self" down, and settle down with him.

After weeks of jeering Joseline, finally, there are social networking posts updated every now and then that read, “Team Joseline.”

MiMi, finally, is on Team Joseline. When Joseline hit Stevie J. with a flailing series of One two punches, it's hard not to wonder what they’re like when they are alone. Do they fight like that often? Has that happened before?

Wasn't it unusual that security was in full force at a therapy session? Mimi's buddy knew Joseline would tear the place up. MiMi said she looked forward to it. In the end, Stevie J. walked away from the therapy session while Joseline took on security full force. All that fighting and tussling on Joseline's end, yet she walks away with not one bruise to her face.

Despite watching Joseline go off, and the pity of it, as so enjoyed by a super smug MiMi, Stevie J. deserves a lot of credit. It’s a lot better to have Joseline manage her physical aggression and anger with trained professionals rather than random girls or Stevie J. on the street. Those random, loud street fights with random people are a problem for Erica, even though Erica's a mom with real responsibilities.

Joseline gets crazy credits from the fan base for knowing whom to direct her ire. There’s much to be frightened of in terms of what to expect or what could happen on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. We’ve had terminations, one sloppily managed menage a trois, and one real suggestion that one of the baddest guys in the music industry is being physically abused by his employee, an unsurprising response to his sexual harassment.

Joseline realizes she has other options and understands how Stevie J. is standing in her way. But it's not worthwhile to trust Joseline to make an intelligent or permanent decision about how she feels. The flip side of the Stevie J. Joseline artist story is Rasheeda and Kirk. Kirk is slowly swallowing his ego and the fact that Rasheeda will be managed by Deb. The hope is he'll believe in his wife as much as his wife believes in herself.

Benzino worried that Karlie would choose her career before a relationship with him. But together, Karlie and Benzino were able to reconcile any immediately brewing storm.

As a result, Benzino felt goosebumps when he saw a diamond engagement ring.

Benzino and Stevie talk later, and Stevie notes that Benzino has been saving himself and his bank for a wedding day.

And it’s official. Stevie J.’s going to be Benzino’s best man. And if Stevie J. shows up with a black eye, there’s a good possibility Joseline caught him with a hard left.

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Submitted by not you (not verified) on
Team Joseline all the way. I can't stand MiMi! It's time for her to realize just how washed up she is. I also think MiMi looks more like a man than Joseline. Stevie's rat looking ass seems to glow when he sees Joseline or even hears her name. Erica is also one of my favorites. Shay and Scrappy are a good ugly couple and K Michelle is so fake. She cries every episode making all those ugly faces. Karlie and Benzino are so old and just trying to live the young life. And everyone else is just irrelevant.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Where do i start? Scrappy is losing cool points for not keeping it 100 with both ladies. He also needs to accept the fact that he is a mommas boy and it isnt because they "get checks together" but because he runs to her and tells her about his problems with Erica and he gives half truths. His mom gives bad advice to her son and needs to tell him he is wrong. Wrong for not supporting his daughter financially. As a woman and single mother she should be able to relate to Erica on that. Then, why would Erica drop child support when Scrappy dont break her off when she needs it?! It would be different if he has proven himself to be dependable but he said himself he had money that he just didnt give Erica and she had been asking. Keep the order Erica!! I believe Scrappy would be a better man if his mom stopped supporting him when he is wrong. Stevie J is hilarious. Yes, he is ridiculous BUT these women roll with his madness so who is really crazy? Stevie is what he is. He is not a 1 woman kind of man. Accept it and deal with it or move on. Kirk. He is better off letting Rasheeda do her own thang. That way their relationship can get better and Rasheeda can be responsible for her own success or downfall. I dont think anybody thinks she is as live as she feels she is. BUT if you dont think you got it, who else will? Rasheeda is out of line for saying Memhits didnt hit K. Michele. How can she speak on that? Friend or not she dont know if he used to be the type of man to lay hands on his chick. She should have stayed in her lane and kept quiet. If anything, she could have said he isnt that type of person now. She cant speak on their past. Dont she know she dont want it with K. Michele? If K could take a beating from a man built like him what do you think she will do to a lady!? Now for the other ladies. People may not agree but i like Karli. Why? Because a friend should tell another friend if their man is cheating and they know it. Bottomline is that Karli was correct about Joseline and Stevie so how is she the bad guy? I also like how Karli is woman enough to try to "right" bad situations with the ladies by wanting to meet with them (Joseline and K Michele) one on one to resolve any issues. I respect that. She needs to rock with Benzino because he is a good look for her and is connected. Plus he seems genuine. K. Michelle seems like a loyal friend and can sing. She played herself with how she handled Karli but other than that I like her. Erica is my favorite, though. She isnt a bird brain like some of the ladies. She isnt out to get Scrappy and she isnt a fool. She works to take care of hers and carries herself like a lady. LUV her! I do wish that she wouldn't leave Scrappy with the option to be with her or not. Woman allow themselves to be revolving doors to men that play them.....Erica seems like good peeps. MiMi is the silliest of them all. Why? Because she has good sense but is still stupid. She has all the facts and pieces to the puzzle and STILL acts like she needs more to leave Stevie alone! How simple can you be? Its a shame she has known him 11 years and still gets hurt by him. She is so quick to point out how long she has known Stevie. This just points out how long she has dealt with BS. Um, after 11 years you got to know what type of man you have. Accept it and shut up or move on! Obviously his love for you and his daughter isnt going to keep him from seeing other women. My question to MiMi is this. How can yshe expect him to change when she dont? At the end of the day, Stevie knows she will get mad, get over it and they will keep it moving. MiMi seems like a good person and good catch but you gotta want more for yourself. Joseline. I must admit I like her too. Out of the 2, Joseline seems to know exactly what type of man she is dealing with and treats him accordingly. She knows he can put her on. She knows he likes to sleep around. This is why she looks at other chicks sideways because she knows Stevie isnt above smashing them too! She knows she needs to get what she can get and move on. Joseline is loyal and upfront. She isnt trying to be something she isnt (i sure hope she isnt a man and i have to eat my words LOL). What you see is what u get. She keeps it real and does her. Plus she is 24 and Stevie gripped her from the Strip Club and is spending that cash on her. Why wouldnt a 24 year old stripper, looking for love entertain a man like Stevie J. It seems like Stevie is more of Joseline speed than MiMi's and Joseline will probably hurt his feelings. What goes around comes around. As for Shay. Poor girl. She is a jump off and dont know it. Granted Scrappy dont keep it 100 BUT since they have been "friends" for so long im sure she know more than what she lets on . Shay seemed quick to throw dirt on Erica with the "she isnt really needed" comment based on what Scrappy tells her. But come on ladies, we all know good and well men don't tell the full truth and he was saying what she wanted to hear so it was all good. Scrappy definetly doesn't hide Shay so i can understand her feeling like they are more than what they are. Shay needs to realize that Erica isnt going anywhere because she is the baby mama. AND Shay is just stank. She know what she doing shaking all that booty in his face every chance she gets. BUT she will get what she is looking for. Scrappy will get in the booty she keeps flaunting in his face and then go back home to his lady with class. Act like a smut and get treated like a smut..... Well im looking forward to the Reunion.

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