Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Scrappy scraps child support

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This week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, K.Michelle's ill gives everyone west of Atlanta a bad name and Rasheeda balances marriage and a music career.

Rasheeda stepped out on Kirk and got the low down from a well known producer on why her career hasn’t taken off. The female manager, a woman who also worked with Nicki Minaj, had Rasheeda in tears. “DLo” never goes anywhere, the producer woman said.

Rasheeda fell apart. She explained that her husband and DLo work together and manage her. The producer woman told Rasheeda she needed to talk to her husband and think about whether she wants to be a rapper or a grandmother.

More tears. And it’s the second time an artist on the show has cried over the damage done to her professional career. Early in the season, K.Michelle was told point blank, that no one wants to work with her because her temper is out there. K.Michelle had no words, just tears. And she's been fighting mad ever since.

Karlie got revenge on K.Michelle after the silverware throwing incident. There’s much to like about K.Michelle, she’s funny, quirky, and cute. But her haterade is intense. Actually, K.Michelle’s hate for Karlie should be illegal. Karlie invited K.Michelle to her session, but that talk didn't last long. Karlie had K.Michelle escorted from the building.

Rasheeda and K.Michelle had a nice girl talk about switching producers. K.Michelle sweated a little for Rasheeda. Music is a big, bad and mean business, K.Michelle said in the confessionals. But Rasheeda’s married and with her husband, the chances of her being used up by predatory producers diminishes a tad.

K.Michelle told Rasheeda she has it all because she’s married and in a good relationship. Rasheeda also told K.Michelle that if she really wants love, she has to visualize that for herself and then work to make it happen. Somewhere in that convo with Rasheeda, K.Michelle admitted she needed to sort through her own issues. And after six episodes, it’s clear that K.Michelle’s issues are huge and she probably needs a therapist.

Next week, Stevie J. and Mimi sit in a therapist’s office. Stevie says he’s thrown Joseline under the bus because Joseline won’t respect Mimi.

Mimi and Joseline sat down for a chat. Joseline cried and apologized for the threatening texts. Mimi said thanks for that,but I don’t believe you. Joseline gets loser of the week again for the laziest statement ever. Joseline stated that she and Mimi are Stevie’s “victims.” Mimi feels Joseline is Stevie’s willing concubine. Moreover, Mimi makes it clear she’s been through love triangle with Stevie before.

Stevie ruminated his Joseline quandary over with Benzino. Benzino wasted no time getting Stevie to see that Joseline’s behavior is a direct result from Stevie and Joseline’s intimate relationship. There is every possibility that Stevie has rethought his extracurricular relationship with Joseline. He busted up her photo shoot and blasted her Josephine Baker costume.

Meanwhile, Karlie and Benzino cozied it up at his place with lobster, crabs, homemade sauces and wine. And Scrappy moved all his stuff out of Erica’s place. And then copped an attitude when she refused to take him off child support.

I mean, come on Scrappy. It’s just one kid. And besides, Erica’s living room is bare and that is not cool by any father’s standards.

Next week: Mimi and Stevie J. in therapy. Will Karlie manage Benzino's crib?

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