Love and Hip Hop: Joseline's Rip Appeal

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Once again, viewers walked away from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stunned, speechless, yet water cooler entertained.

Age is making its way into the Love and Hip Hop story line. A quick Google search of the male and female Love and Hip Hop cast fails to reveal the players’ ages. Without that secret in character bios, viewers are watching a virtually ageless group of women.

Tuesday’s episode found Joseline explaining away her behaviors as that of a wily 24-year-old. Meanwhile, many viewers feel she's a pawn for Stevie, a wealthy man and father, with hordes of lucrative, yet creative time on his hands.

Another cast member dismissed Cassie as a 50-year-old trying to get a record deal. Furthermore, Cassie took a beating after several cosmetic surgery backbiting comments unleashed from younger cast members.

In real time, Mimi’s giving interviews about the status of her relationship with Stevie. Stevie, on film, appears to be a man who’s creating a musical empire and a harem to accommodate his every mood. Or inspire his craft.

In the third Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode, Mimi’s wiser to the game. Someone tells her that a girl who has staked some claim to Stevie is seated across from them.Mimi’s closest girlfriends do not like this. They want Mimi to get out and have a nice time without Stevie’s name being thrown up in Mimi’s face. But that's hard. Stevie has been around. And around.

Mimi took a good look at the woman who gossips that she's been with Stevie. And Mimi's real response, as pushed forth by Love and Hip Hop producers was incredibly calm. Mimi took good look at the woman and saw no threat.

Cameras lights, weaves and make-up do a job on women’s ages. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Biermann said that during Season One of her series, she looked far older than her real age on camera. At the time, Kim was 28. NeNe Leakes, her hang out partner early in Season One was a decade or more older than Kim. Mimi’s age on camera is indiscernible--- as was Joseline’s until Joseline mentioned that she was a 24-year-old at the time of the incident with Stevie.

Joseline’s confessional wardrobe is quite tragic. The Cesarean section leather piece is gaudy, insensitive, insincere and unappealing.It is a turn off to people who think Joseline’s hot (like a Rihanna clone). Joseline's black leather suit completely lacks Catwoman’s “come hither.”

Chrissy, Jim Jones’ fiancé, wore a cerulon draped dress, cut especially, tantalizingly low, during Love and Hip Hop New York confessionals. No matter how long or how wrong Chrissy was during confessionals, there was no question about Chrissy’s class or status.Or the crazy, soft sexiness of her dress.

Joseline’s confessional outfit doesn’t give viewers a reason to promote her character as anything other than the stereotype that female executives in the industry counter with simple choices such as dress and language.

Stevie J.’s hypermasculinity came tumbling down with Joseline’s positive pregnancy test. Joseline is a new addition to bourgeoisie set of African American viewers tuned into Love and Hip Hop Atlanta—those who cannot empathize or imagine a life with their financial well-being tied to nudity and city nightclubs. Obviously that career was a nightmare for Joseline. One the one hand, she was fortunate because Stevie J. plucked her out of it. But he made her swear to keep the relationship secret.

She broke the Geisha agreement and with that, there are consequences that several will suffer, it seems, during next week’s episode.

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