Malikah Shabazz jailed on father Malcolm X's assassination date

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Malikah Shabazz , formerly Malikah Brown, one of the twins Betty Shabazz was carrying when Malcolm X was murdered, was arrested in North Carolina on multiple theft charges.

Malikah Shabazz, 45, has a PhD in Educational Administration & Human Development. she is an Honored Fellow - Africana Black Studies, and has an MS in Mathematical Science.

Shabazz is being held in North Carolina on an outstanding warrant from Queens. Back in NYC, Shabazz was accused in 2009 of stealing the identity of a widow of one of her father's bodyguards. She was also accused of taking $30,000 to pay bills and other expenses.

Yesterday, February 21, was the day Malcolm X was assassinated in Manhattan.

In 2003, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture accepted custody for a huge volume of correspondence and documents belonging to Malcolm X that had been obtained by an auction house. The restoration of the materials by Schomburg was sigh of relief because Malikah was accused of taking the documents from the family home in Mount Vernon and hiding them away in a Florida storage unit.

The storage unit was left unclaimed and then a man named James Calhoun bought the unit and then tried to sell Malcolm X's documents.

Document historians, scholars and archivists were keenly interested in Malcolm X's personal writings, particularly his speeches, partly because the civil rights advocate meticulously edited his speeches in the effort to deliver a precise and clear message. Malcolm X's search for clarity, according to a 2003 article in the Village Voice, was of particular interest to biographers.

When the mysterious Calhoun appeared to sell Malcolm X's correspondence, a legal battle ensued to block the sale of those materials which were valued then, at that year's dollar value, between $300,000 and $500,000. The sale was scheduled for early March of 2002, but the sale was stopped when questions arose about their history and ownership.

When the papers were returned, and the dispute between Calhoun, the storage company and the Shabazz heirs were resolved, the Schomburg was given custody of the works for 75 years.

Included in the collection are Malcolm X's handwritten manuscripts, his annotated personal Koran, and diaries from the last weeks of his life, which included his famous trip to Mecca as well as his travel to Africa and Europe. The diaries believed to be hidden away by Malikah Shabbazz, scholars feel, are the most important set of diaries because 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' was completed before X returned from overseas.

Police visited Malikah Shabazz's resident in North Carolina after complaints that her 13-year-old daughter was not attending school. Shabazz said her child was being home schooled, but the truancy complaint resulted in discovery of Shabazz's outstanding warrant from Queens. It is believed the department of human services were looking for a tenant who formerly lived in the residence Shabazz had recently moved into.

Shabazz founded HERS (Home Education Resources & Services) and YES, (Younite Entente of Students) formerly known as NOASA National Organization of African Students in America. In 2003, she was a celebrated member of the American Entertainment International Speakers Bureau.

Shabazz was arrested in Mars Hill, in western NC. Her charges include possession of stolen property, grand larceny, forgery, criminal possession of forged instruments and identity theft stemming from charges that date back to 2009.

Officials say Shabazz gave police the name, "Mali Saban." Her lawyers says the charges stem from an long-running feud between Shabazz and her sisters over their parents' estate. The estate and the unpublished works of Malcolm X are valued at over $1.4 million.

Shabazz was still in the Haywood County Detention Center yesterday. Lawyers are seeking bond and bail arrangements today.


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