Martha Stewart bakes on new PBS show reaching 1 million viewers

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Martha Stewart's Cooking School returns for a second season April 6 on PBS.

Alongside Martha Stewart's Cooking School, Stewart's new show Martha Bakes premieres April 6 also. Stewart's reps say the second season of Cooking School follows a successful first season. On average, 1 million viewers tuned in weekly and the show,according to Stewart's reps, was seen in 92 percent of the country's households.

"I'm very happy that Martha Stewart's Cooking School has been so well-received," said Ms. Stewart. "Cooking and teaching—my two biggest passions—are front and center on a show that viewers are finding accessible and useful. Home cooking is truly one of life's greatest pleasures, and it's wonderful to see that more and more, people are enjoying meals cooked in their own kitchens."

Martha Stewart's Cooking School is inspired by Stewart's book (same title). On the show, Stewart demonstrates classic cooking techniques and basics using her "signature step-by-step, how-to-teaching process." The show features cooking lessons on everything from "soups, stews and seafood to roasting, sauteing and presenting."

If this is the first time hearing about Stewart's PBS broadcasts, check local PBS listings for Saturday's line up. The show is 30 minutes and in most markets, should be followed by Martha Bakes. Martha Bakes is a 13-episode teaching series that originally aired on The Hallmark Channel.

"We couldn't ask for a more perfect fit. Our viewers have an affinity for cooking shows and they tune in to public television to learn," says Dalton Delan, executive vice president and chief programming officer of WETA. "These series are ideal for people who want to learn cooking and baking techniques — and who better to teach them than America's most trusted lifestyle expert?"

"We are so pleased that our stations will have the opportunity to bring their viewers more episodes of Martha Stewart's Cooking School and now Martha Bakes ," said Donald Thoms, vice president of programming for PBS. "For decades, PBS has been a destination where viewers learn how to cook from some of the world's foremost experts, so we are happy that legacy will continue with new seasons of Martha Stewart sharing her culinary expertise."

Throughout the series, exclusively sponsored by KitchenAid, Martha shares her best tips and techniques, giving viewers the confidence to create the finest desserts and delectable baked goods in their own kitchens. From the perfect cheesecake to flaky, melt-in-your mouth puff pastry, Martha's updated versions of the classics will set the standard.

Stewart's made videos especially for KitchenAid and full episodes of both shows will be available online at

WETA, the flagship PBS public broadcaster airing in the Nation's Capital, JCPenney, and KitchenAid all sponsor Stewart's broadcasts. KitchenAid is Martha Bakes primary sponsor.

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