Michele Bachmann’s Constitutional Conservative Caucus will "save" newly elected Republicans

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Just because she’s taken a beating in the press, and one in particular by Anderson Cooper, doesn’t mean Michele Bachmann is ready to bow down and call it quits.

Instead, the second year congressional representative from Minnesota has progressive plans for newly elected Republican house members. Michelle Bachmann wants at least 20 to 25 of them to join her group, the Constitutional Conservative Caucus that will meet each week for a constitutional lecture.

Bachmann proposes that Supreme Court Justices like Kagan, Scalia, and Thomas, give weekly lectures to the caucus one hour before the House goes to vote. The lecture’s purpose is to make sure frosh representatives are fully aware of the constitutionality of proposed laws and amendments beforehand.

Bachmann is urging voters to ask their representatives to join the Constitutional Conservative Caucus.

Bachman says all she needs is 25 alliance members in the CCC to block what she says are unconstitutional laws such as health care reform.

Bachman wants to reach out and save the new House Republicans before the “Washington system” gets to them and they become lost.

Salon.com and the a local Minnesota paper scrutinized Bachmann for saying she’d have evangelical minister and American historical documents collector David Barton lecture the caucus (in addition to conservative supreme court justices).

Salon says Bachmann and Barton “go back years” and that she’s invited him to give guided tours of the Capitol. Salon says Bachmann has also asked Barton to help shape Minnesota’s education standards.

So far the Conservative Congressional Caucus hasn’t been established and nor does it have members, but Bachmann’s goal is to establish the caucus by January 2011.

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